• March 4, 2024

All About Update 1.03 in Black Ops 4: Black Market, Bugs, Improvements

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Update 1.03 will now appear on all common operating systems. The weight of the update for the PlayStation 4 practically reaches 9 GB, on a computer it takes 2 times less – 4 GB. The Black Market was launched on PS4 right after the patch was released. On Xbox One and PC consoles, the launch will happen next week. A full description of the patch can be found at link

Black Ops 4 Update 1.03: Black Market

In the black market store you can buy skins, decorations, characters, various weapons, animations and many similar buns. Premium currency and CoD points are used to buy items on the market. In parallel with transactions for real money, in Black Ops 4, players can earn virtual currency and buy in-game items with it. The “smuggling” offer is seasonal in nature, with regularity in several months the store’s assortment will begin to change.

Treyarch has set a store launch date for tomorrow, October 26th, for all Xbox One and PC players. Sony signed an agreement with the company for early access to the store. The Black Market has already been launched on PlayStation 4 from 19.10. The first operation to deliver content and assortment of goods is First Strike. The operation was activated immediately after the release of the update on PS4. Halloween themed offers are also in the assortment, but will disappear after a short time.

Improved gameplay in the 1.03 update

In the gaming environment, dissatisfaction with Black Ops 4 is brewing because of the friendly hit boxes and the random calculation of hits. The update has tweaked these areas and improved certain gameplay elements.

The innovation has touched the resurrection points. There are now more opportunities for dominance on the maps. They are distributed free of charge in all game modes. In particular, new resurrection locations have been added to the Militia map. Leaderboards are now available in all game modes. With the update, the game introduced a weekend with a double experience. For the first time, the Double XP Weekend program worked until 10 am from 20.10 to 22.10.

Bug fixes and other innovations

The 1.03 update brings a number of known bug fixes to Black Ops 4. Now, drawn pictures on weapons are not damaged when displayed in game mode. The game itself has become more stable in all modes. Due to the backend innovations made by Treyarch, the previous files are no longer available.

Fixed various bugs and incorrect operation of the game in multiplayer mode. There are less noise and bugs in voice communication, and many graphical glitches have been eliminated. Zombies got a lot of attention in the patch. Large-scale fixes of the zombie patch have been released, XP-rates have changed and interaction with the outside world has improved. Dimming should work more stable when dividing the screen into 2 parts. Additionally, the algorithm for tracking problem areas has been improved.

Treyarch has tackled many of the problems that negatively affect the performance of the PC version of the game. Today the company is tracking down other issues. Looking ahead, Treyarch wants to speed up team searches and eliminate connection issues. Frequent errors in the lobby are especially common for users in South Africa and Australia. True, the developers have still not managed to form an action plan to solve the problem.

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