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all dungeons in the game and how to get through them

We open the veil of secrecy and show what is inside the most unusual corners of the cubic world. The best life hacks for survival in the harsh world of hostile mobs.

Igloo, an underwater fortress, a jungle temple, and an ordinary treasury

At first glance, the Minecraft world doesn’t seem to be all that diverse. Identical biomes, repeating animals and monsters. However, the game contains special locations called dungeons (natural structures). Many of them have their own treasuries, where you can find unique items… For instance, musical records.

Find dungeons pretty hard… These are not villages with locals that are ubiquitous in every biome of the game. Dungeons are often localized or located deep underground. The player will have to travel a lot to find such locations. Nevertheless, the efforts will be well spent: useful things are often found in chests. Sometimes treasuries contain horse armor, or enchanted golden apples… Such items are problematic to get in other ways. Therefore, you should know as much information as possible about the dungeons – this will help to collect the unique resources presented in the game.


Small winter hut - igloo

Represent small snow structures, found exclusively in cold biomes. You can often find a needle in the tundra, but sometimes it can also be found in the taiga. Inside the structure is a bed, oven and workbench. This allows the needle to be made a good temporary refuge. Especially if the character has traveled around the map for a long time.

The main feature of the igloo is the basement. In such temporary huts, you can find a staircase (right under the carpet) leading down. It is inhabited by an ordinary resident and a zombie resident. The last can even be cured, since there is a chest with a golden apple in the basement. There is also a boiler and a brewing rack for brewing. In addition, there is always the opportunity to find emeralds in chests.

Rogue Outposts

The habitat of formidable bandits

Added in version 1.14. They can be generated in various locations: from plains and savannahs to harsh tundra and deserts. It is believed that the larger the biome, the more likely such a structure will appear.

There are local mobs – robbers and iron golems.

In terms of resources, Rogue Outposts not very remarkable… Sometimes, enchanted books are generated in chests, but this is actually a great luck. All other items are standard: iron, crossbows and flasks. Food includes carrots, potatoes.

Underwater fortress

The underwater world holds many secrets

Comprises blocks of prismarine. It is usually located deep in the ocean. It should be borne in mind that the underwater fortress is guarded guardians and ancient guardians… Therefore, you need to be extremely careful when examining it.

In terms of mining, it’s a rather boring structure. There is not a single chest among the many rooms. The main resource for mining is prismarine… The only thing that will delight players is gold blocks. True, it will not be so easy to get them, because the ancient guardians impose on the character the effect of fatigue (3 degrees).

There are also sponges in the underwater fortress. Quite a useful subject for further exploration of the ocean.

Underwater ruins

Underwater Ruins - small structures with many resources

Habitats of the drowned. Sometimes appear with a trident, making it easy to get this unique weapon. It’s pretty good for the early game. but core value the ruins are in the chests. There are 2 types of them: large and small. In both varieties, there are elements of gold and leather armor. You can still find an enchanted fishing rod or even a treasure map! She will point to the nearest underwater fortress.

There are cases when ruins were generated on land. Also, do not be surprised by structures made of sand – they are quite common in Minecraft. It is also possible to find this dungeon on the mushroom island.

By the way, in the sandy version of the ruins, the chests are most likely under the sand. Therefore, you should definitely break a few blocks on the floor in order to find the treasured treasure.

Abandoned mines

A real klondike for ore seekers!

One of the oldest dungeons in the game. Widely distributed in Minecraft. They are a network of tunnels where you can find various interesting things: from common ore to treasures and spider spawners. The latter are often used by players to gain experience points. Do not forget about rails, which are found everywhere. They will make the task of building your own railway much easier.

The main value is metal ores!

In the chests, players will also find pleasant “goodies”. Enchanted books and apples come across. There is still an appearance diamonds with gold bars. For farming, plant seeds will be useful. Rails can also be placed in chests. All of these items make abandoned mines a reality. klondike for seekers of quick money. The main thing is to withstand the attack of multiple mobs that live here.

Desert temple

Desert pyramid (desert temple) generated on water

The desert, despite its name, is a very lively biome in minecraft. Here are often generated villages with inhabitants and outposts with robbers. But there is also a special building here, which is called a temple in the desert! It is easy to see it from afar.

The main value of the temple lies in its chests. There may be valuable resources. down to diamonds. However, you should be careful! This structure is crammed with explosives (TNT), which will definitely work when you press the trap button. Therefore, maximum caution does not hurt.

The chests contain: horse armor, emeralds, gold and iron ingots, diamonds.

Jungle temple

Temple in the middle of the rainforest

The building is located in the jungle. This temple is easy to spot from afar: it is made entirely of cobblestone. Just like with the desert option, here there are traps. True, there is an easy way to get around them. To do this, you need to break the redstone chain at the very beginning of the temple.

The composition of the items in the chests is similar to the items in the desert version of the temple. Same resources: emeralds, ingots, diamonds. Horse armor of all varieties is sometimes found. Additionally, the jungle temple has one unique feature. it the only optional structurewhere sticky pistons, dispensers and tension sensors are generated. Therefore, experienced players do not particularly bother with crafting these items, but find them right in this structure. Also here you can get some redstone with threads.

Forest mansion

A fortress hidden far in the woods!

The most grandiose natural building in size in minecraft. However, it is quite difficult to find it. They appear in the distance 50,000 blocks from the player’s initial spawn. Finding the forest mansion will help the map, which is bought from a resident cartographer.

Has many rooms. Moreover, in a forest mansion there may be several treasures at once. The chests are located in different rooms – many of them are even empty. The contents are usually, as elsewhere, but sometimes diamond or chain mail cuirasses come across. You can also find a diamond hoe here. From the original items in the chests come across tags and records.

The building is guarded by 2 types of mobs: champions and evangelists. The latter still call on the vexes into battle. Each of the monsters will spawn in their own part of the mansion. Bedrooms, offices, corridors are the places where the champions appear. The summoners, on the other hand, meet the player in canteens and halls. All these mobs are dangerous, so you need to carefully explore the forest mansion.


Treasure chest (dungeon) with a zombie spawner in the center

Generated everywhere. Quite common – even if you just do everyday things for a minecrafter. Any treasury is a mob spawner surrounded by boulders and chests. In many cases Equipped by players for a mob farm, which will allow you to quickly gain the necessary levels for the character.

There is a special feature in the skeleton spawner. Among the gaming community, it is considered the most valuable, as it gives an infinite number of arrows and bones. Treasure chests contain common resources. Sometimes there are enchanted items like books or apples. It is extremely rare for diamond horse armor.


Fortress with a Portal to the End

It is very difficult to find a given location by chance. For detection, you will definitely need the eye of the edge. It will point to the fortress, or rather to the portal of the endermir. Usually this dungeon is generated in caves. It often happens that you can get to the fortress from the abandoned mines.

In terms of mobs, this is a dungeon completely safe… The bright lighting simply prevents monsters from spawning here. There are silverfish that appear after the destruction of blocks in the fortress.

The fortress is highly regarded among the players. There are always a lot of resources in the chests. Perhaps, in terms of mining, the fortress is the best option. Here you can find horse armor of all kinds, enchanted books, diamonds, iron armor and tools. Also libraries are located in different rooms, which allows you to get a large number of books. However, the main attribute of this structure is the portal to the End. It is because of him that all players strive to find a fortress.

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