• May 29, 2022

All hidden car locations in Mafia Definitive Edition

All in-game trophy hunters and car collectors have surely noticed a curious achievement in Mafia: Definitive Edition called “Car Thief Number One”. To unlock it, you need to find all the vehicles hidden in the game. However, you won’t be able to find them just like that – you first need to make sure that the location of each of the cars is displayed on the map.

As you progress through the storyline, postcards will appear on the notice board inside Luca Burton’s Car Service, which is located south of North Park. Each of the postcards will show one car on the map. The first postcard will be available after winning the race in the mission “Fair Play”. But all five secret cars are unlocked only after the end of the campaign. To find them, you need to switch to the “Walk” mode in order to be able to move freely around the city.

1. Flame Spear

Head towards the last large building indicated on the map in the lower right corner of Central Island. There should be a courtyard in front with two garages. You just have to open the door on the left – Flame Spear will be inside. It is the fastest car in the game, capable of a speed of 280 kilometers per hour.

2. Disorder

Drive towards Fire Dam, a massive structure to the right of Fire Lake. On the other side of the lake there is a very wide brick house with a garage, the entrance to which opens in the backyard. Lift the door and you will see a gray-brown vintage racing car.

3. Trautenberg Sport

In the Downtown sector, there is a section called the Embankment. Upon arrival, you will see a gray building to the right of the West & Sons Waterfront Store. There will be wooden boxes behind the door that will need to be destroyed in order to get to the end of the garage where the car is parked. You can get out of the garage through the door, for this pull the levers: central, left, and then right.

4. Manta Prototype

For this miracle of technology, you will have to travel to the very crowded Factory District, marked in the southwestern part of the map. In the center of the area is a brick building with a maze of cargo boxes behind it. Use the boxes to get over the fence, then enter the maze and go as far to the right as possible. When you get to the end, Tommy will be able to knock down the door in front of which is the Manta Prototype.

5. Lassiter V16 Appolyon

You’ll find the silver Lassiter V16 Appolyon in the smallest area of ​​town, Beach Hill (southeast). The brown-gated garage you need is located next to a small house, opposite a tall mansion. It is easy to get there from the street, but be prepared to meet the armed car owner.

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