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All random events (raids) in Valheim

The Viking universe is full of surprises, and only having prepared in advance for all the complexities of fate can you try to deceive it. However, the right weapon and powerful armor will not be enough for you. You need to know in advance what intrigues Walheim is preparing for you, and we will help with this.

One of the events of the game

In the world of Valheim, various events (events) take place during the gameplay. Most often it will be “Mini-raids” of mobsarising at the player’s place of residence. Some of them are story-driven, and some are random. You can find out about the upcoming event by watching the top of the screen. There appears information about the approach of a group of opponents. Also appears on the map red circle, which denotes the location of the event. It is worth remembering that the events in the game take place regardless of the level of defense at the base of the character. therefore you need to be ready to repel any attack on your own.

How random events are generated

Valheim random events

All events are triggered randomly. They can happen when the player fulfills certain conditions: for example, a character destroys a number of enemies or completes a storyline. Mini raid itself lasts 2 or 3 minutes. During this time, a certain type of monsters will arrive at the player’s base. They will behave extremely aggressively.

Mini Raids possible only when the character is near his own camp… A warning will appear on the screen. After that, the enemies associated with the event appear. They will immediately head to the player’s base.

The event timer will not keep running while the player is sleeping.

If a Viking leaves his own camp during the event, then it will not disappear anywhere. The event will continue when the player returns to base. Therefore, do not forget about defensive structures – they can significantly facilitate life in the event of an unexpected attack.

It is worth remembering that two events cannot occur simultaneously in the game.

Story events

The forest is moving - the second Valheim event

These special events take place as you progress through the game. There are 5 story events in total.

The very first one is “Eyktur gathers the creatures of the forest”… It takes place before the first boss is killed. The event can happen at any time during the game.

  • Opponents: wild boars and nix;
  • Duration: 90 seconds;
  • Closing message: “The creatures calm down.”

“The forest is moving” – the second story event in the game. Occurs anytime between killing Eiktur (the first boss) and the Ancient One in the Black Forest.

  • Opponents: Greydwarf, Greydwarf Savage and Greydwarf Shaman;
  • Duration: 120 seconds;
  • Closing message: “The forest calms down again.”

For better protection it is recommended to build spiked defenses. This will allow you to get the rocks, wood and eyes of the Greydwarves. Also, ancient seeds fall from Shamans, which are necessary to summon the Ancient. All these resources will certainly come in handy for the player in the future.

Foul smell from the swamp

Further on the plot “A foul smell rises from the swamp”… It works before you defeat the Mass of Bones (the next boss of Valheim).

  • Opponents: Draugras and Skeletons, sometimes Jonah;
  • Duration: 150 seconds;
  • Closing message: “The smell is gone.”

The next event is unique in its own way. “Cold wind blows from the mountains” – the fourth story event in the game. Occurs before the destruction of Mauder.

Especially because, in addition to creatures, there still appears ice debuff… It turns out that the player is fighting at his base, but at the same time, as if in the Mountains. It is recommended to wear one of the Wolf Armor pieces to keep warm. Also, do not forget about the Frost-Resistant Mead. Any source of fire that is nearby can also help.

  • Opponents: Drakes (dragons);
  • Duration: 150 seconds;
  • Closing message: “The cold wind has subsided.”

“Horde Attack” – the last story event. Happens before meeting with Jaglut – the last boss in Valheim. A large number of goblins will immediately invade the player’s base. However, you need to fight back only 2 minutes, unlike previous events.

  • Opponents: Goblins (Foulings), Goblins-Berserkers and Goblins-Shamans;
  • Duration: 120 seconds;
  • Closing message: “The horde is retreating.”

Events arising from many destroyed enemies

Valheim events after killing enemies

Of everything exists 4 types of such events. They happen when the player kills a certain boss or monster. These events also occur randomly.

“Skeleton surprise” – the first event that can take the player by surprise. Happens anytime after killing Bone Mass. Near the base a whole army of Skeletons appears along with the Rotting Remains… For battle, it would be better to take some kind of mace for dealing bludgeoning damage. This will allow you to effectively fight against these opponents.

  • Opponents: Skeletons and Decaying Remains;
  • Duration: 120 seconds;
  • Closing message: “The skeletons are tired of fighting.”

After killing the Ancient One and at least 1 troll, the event can be activated – “The earth is shaking.” A very unpleasant event, as the player has to fight with a whole group of trolls. They can easily bring down trees or break down fortifications in a Viking settlement.

  • Opponents: Trolls;
  • Duration: 80 seconds;
  • Closing message: “The shaking subsides.”

“You are being hunted”… The conditions for this event to occur are unknown. but appears mainly after killing Mauder and at least 1 wolf. When the event is activated, the settlement is attacked by a large flock of wild animals.

  • Opponents: Wolves;
  • Duration: 120 seconds;
  • Closing message: “The hunt is over.”

The last event promises players an attack by surtlings. “The air smells of sulfur” – a serious test for the player’s base. The camp will be attacked strong fire creatures with high attack speed… The character will need ice arrows to fight more effectively against surtlings. Fiery Barley Wine will also do the trick. It will be useful for fire protection.

For the event to occur, it is necessary to destroy the Bone Mass and at least 1 Surtling.

  • Opponents: Surtlings;
  • Duration: 120 seconds;
  • Closing message: “The smell dissipates.”

In Valheim, you can endlessly collect the best tools, choose the perfect weapon, or craft. However, with random events, all this will become much more fun and interesting. Do not forget to pick up good armor for your character and stock up on mead, otherwise these random events may be the last thing he sees in this world.

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