• February 20, 2024

All solutions “Untrusted system file (C: Windows System32 …)”

During the launch of various games, a critical error may appear, in which the window immediately closes. Crete is accompanied by the notice “Untrusted system file (C: Windows System32 …)“. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the reason is the failure or incorrect operation of the anti-cheat application – EasyAntiCheat. Another problem can be caused by violation of the integrity of Windows system files. Now about everything in more detail.

Reasons for failure

The message itself does not hint at the essence of the problem in two ways. Translated, it says: “Suspicious system file.” This entry is usually followed by a link to the location of the file along the path C: Windows System32. Naturally, the message also contains the name of the questionable file.

Most often, users have problems with the following dll files:

  • apphelp;
  • aticfx64;
  • avifil32;
  • dwmapi;
  • normalize;
  • safeips64;
  • vcruntime140;
  • wldap32 and others.

To describe the problem more clearly, it is better to say this – EasyAntiCheat detected a corruption in a system file (not necessarily one of the above). Valve’s anti-cheat application detects some kind of violation of the integrity of the files, from which it is questioned. The program loses trust in a specific file, which is why the “Untrusted system file …” error appears.

The main reasons for the failure:

  • Damage to system files due to the work of antivirus, virus or damage to sectors on the disk;
  • Incorrect operation of the EasyAntiCheat application;
  • The EasyAntiCheat service is blocked or disabled.

Correcting the listed causes of the error will help to correct the consequence – a crash from the game.

System Integrity Check

Windows has a preinstalled utility called sfc that automatically checks the integrity of system files. If she finds any malfunctions or damage, she will automatically fix them. To start the function, you need to use the console (RMB on Start and click on “Command Line”). Inside the window that appears, insert sfc / scannow and press the Enter button.

Nothing more is needed from the user, just wait for the procedure to complete and restart the computer. As an alternative to the sfc function, there is DISM. It makes sense to use it if there were failures during scanning via sfc. The command to the console is DISM.exe / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth.

Checking the status of the EasyAntiCheat service

It is up to the user to make sure the service is active.

Step by step guide:

  1. Press Win + R, paste services.msc and click Enter.
  2. Find EasyAntiCheat among the list of available services.
  3. Double click on the service and replace “Startup type” with “Automatic”.
  4. Reload the service.

Temporary deactivation of protective equipment

Make sure that antivirus and firewall software is not blocking the normal operation of EasyAntiCheat. To do this, it is worth temporarily turning off the antivirus with a firewall and checking if the game is working.

Deleting EasyAntiCheat Files

The essence of the method is to go to the directory with the game and delete the directory with the name “EasyAntiCheat” inside it. Immediately after deleting the folder, you need to try to start the game.

Important! Deletion may not work; instead, a message appears often – the folder is in use. To exclude it from work, it is worth restarting the computer and not starting the game until the directory is deleted.

Reinstalling EasyAntiCheat

Reinstalling the anti-cheat utility EasyAntiCheat often helps.

What do we have to do:

  1. Open the game directory and go to the bin section.
  2. Find and open the EasyAntiCheat folder here.
  3. Run the installation file EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe.

Resetting network protocols

Everything is extremely simple:

  1. Make RMB on Start and select “Command Prompt (Administrator)”.
  2. Insert netsh winsock reset entry.
  3. Press the Enter key and wait for the procedure to complete.

Scan the system for viruses

Damage to system-critical files can occur due to the presence of malicious code in Windows. Malware can modify files, which makes them ineffective. To remove viruses, you should use the AdwCleaner or Dr.Web scanners.

Already, the error “Untrusted system file (C: Windows System32 …)” can be considered defeated. One of the past ways was to fix the problem with the anti-cheat not working correctly or file corruption. The game should now work properly and stably.

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