• November 29, 2023

Among Us cheat mod for Android [2020.11.17]

All crew members get ready! A new modern cheat for the online mafia that will open access to all special functions on any smartphone.

Among Us

All fans of Among Us know that without cheats, the game often becomes boring and monotonous. With their help, a fun group of friends can make the gameplay much more difficult in order to have fun as an impostor or crew member in a new way. This is exactly what this newest mod for Android was created for.

Cheats are provided for informational purposes only. The site administration is not responsible for the consequences of their installation and use.

Cheat features

Among US

This is a special Among As cheat for Android, so all functions are selected in order to make the game from a smartphone more convenient and interesting. This mod allows you to:

  • Receive free all objects from the gameincluding skins and pets.among as cheats
  • Change the color of the character. Can be done at any time, but you cannot repaint other players.
  • Collect an endless number of emergency meetings.
  • Walk through walls anywhere and anytime.
  • Find out who is in this match played the role of a traitoramong as cheats
  • Become an impostor, but not real. You can see traitors and kill, but you will not become a traitor instead of someone else.among as cheats
  • Turn the lights on and off highlight specific areas of the map whenever you want.
  • Change the size of the view radius as well as the available speed (you can make it not only faster, but also slower).
  • Destroy opponents without limitation.

This is definitely the most complete mod for Among Us for Android… If you want to download a single cheat and get all the coolest bonuses at once, then this option is just for you.

How to install a new mod menu for Among As on Android

Among Us

Cheats for the mobile version Among Us are very easy to install. Is enough for you delete the original game from your smartphone, and after carrying out a few simple manipulations:

  1. Downloading the hacked Among As on our website using the links above
  2. Transfer files to your phone (if you downloaded not from it, but from a PC).
  3. Open the cheat folder.
  4. Run the installation of the hacked version of the game.
  5. Allow the installation of programs from unknown sources.
  6. Wait for the end of the installation.
  7. Launching Among Us just as they did before, from the icon on the main screen.

Using cheats

This mod for Android has a very convenient menu through which you can customize cheats. All functions are briefly described so that you can immediately select the appropriate one. but the cheat is not translated into Russian, therefore, we advise you to use the adaptation from our article if any features are unclear.

Each cheat can be turned on or off using a checkbox. In some positions, you need to enter cleanly, increasing or decreasing the indicator (for example, when it comes to movement speed or field of view).

Download Among Us with cheats

Download cheat menu for Among As for Android:

Full version – high probability of getting banned

DOWNLOAD from Cloud Mail.ru


DOWNLOAD from Google Drive

A stripped-down version – slightly fewer features, but lower probability of detection by anti-cheat

DOWNLOAD from Cloud Mail.ru


DOWNLOAD from Google Drive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Among Us

Can I get banned for this cheat?

Yes, just like any other. The ban is issued by the account in Google Play. However, the likelihood of being banned is still quite low.

How cheats are removed

The mod can be removed simply by reinstalling the game from the official Google Play store in the same way as you did before.

Cheats don’t work for me, what to do

Most of the codes only work for the host. So try creating your game and check if cheats have appeared. If not, then describe your problem in the comments and we will be happy to help you.

If you want to see more new cheats – we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our full selection of useful mods for Among Us.

Builds and cheats for Among Us

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