• May 22, 2024

Among Us “Godzilla vs. Kong” Mod: Ability Guide

Certain modifications for Among Us bring new gameplay elements to the game. In particular, the “Godzilla vs. Kong” mod offers to play as one of these creatures. According to the modification rules, instead of a traitor, one gamer will control Godzilla, and the other will play the role of King Kong, he must protect the rest of the participants while they perform their assigned tasks.

How to play the mod "Godzilla vs. Kong" in Among Us?

It is worth noting that Kong cannot defeat Godzilla without the help of other players. They must fulfill certain conditions, after which the last ability of Kong will be unlocked, which will allow you to defeat your opponent.

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When one of the players becomes Godzilla, the following abilities are available to him:

  • Shock wave: The monster lets out a wild scream that stuns the rest of the match.
  • Throw: Godzilla can grab a player and forcefully throw him to the ground. In this case, the gamer dies, and other users are not notified about this.
  • Acid pool: Godzilla exudes this liquid, creating puddles that set players on fire and kill.
  • Giant form: The monster increases significantly in size, can see the entire map, and attack any participant.
  • Atomic respiration: Only available in giant form. A powerful beam erupts from Godzilla’s mouth, slicing players apart.

It should be borne in mind that to use any of the described skills, the impostor must first activate the Summon Godzilla ability. Also, using the appropriate button, the player can take the usual form at any time. Godzilla cannot be ruled out, but it is in his best interest to remain hidden as long as possible.

How to play the mod "Godzilla vs. Kong" in Among Us?

Besides Godzilla, one of the players will be randomly assigned as King Kong. Unlike a separate mod, where this monster was an antagonist, here his task is to help and protect the rest of the group. He can take on the most powerful attacks of Godzilla, allowing the rest of the participants to survive and continue the fight.

King Kong has the following skills in its arsenal:

  • Throw: Kong can re-roll teammates around the map to help them complete their missions faster.
  • Bounce: The monster is able to jump high to see the entire map and land anywhere of its choice.
  • Earthquake: Kong slams his fists on the ground, causing shivers and stunning Godzilla for a while.
  • Transfer: The giant gorilla is capable of carrying teammates and getting them out of the way as needed.
  • Ax: Kong’s final ability, which becomes available after other players complete their tasks. It allows you to deal a fatal blow to Godzilla with a huge glowing ax.

In turn, Godzilla’s attacks are unable to inflict serious or fatal wounds on King Kong, making him an excellent shield for the rest of the crew. Therefore, acting under his cover, ordinary players have a chance to survive and win the match.

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