• May 22, 2024

Anonymizer in WoT. How will hiding a nickname work?

The next patch introduces a new feature – the ability to play anonymously. What is it for?

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have prepared for you the latest news from the next patch 1.7.

Why enter?

Initially, WoT came out with a client open for installing third-party modifications, which allowed players to install various modifications, including a mod popular for statistics Xvm or as he is better known among the people “Olenemer”… This modification shows the player’s rating and his percentage of victories, which allows you to assess the possibilities in battle, both allies and opponents. For many players, statistics are a reason to be proud or simply to boast.

However, in battle, there is often a tough division, expressed in game slang for extras and crayfish… The former often become the main target of the artillery and focus of other players, since they are considered the most dangerous, therefore, they often charge gold and land mines against them, or are simply blown away by the crowd. But the second, on the contrary, is initially written off from the accounts and instead of moral support at the final stage of the battle, messages like “Yes, he is cancer, this is a 100% drain”

The result of such manifestations in battle is negative emotions. First of all, the anonymizer is designed to exclude such situations in order to reduce toxicity and the pressure exerted by statistics on players.

How will anonymity work?

The incognito mode works only in battle. To enable it, go to the settings in the “Game” tab. Scroll the slider to the very bottom and in the left corner there will be a new option – “Hide name in battle”. It is necessary to check the box here.

Please note that the “anonymizer” does not work in all types of battles:

After turning on anonymity, the game will automatically generate a new nickname upon entering the battle. It will be a random combination of letters and numbers, similar to the usual nicknames used by players.

Hiding in any way and statistics only works in battle. You can find out the real data in the post-battle statistics by opening the tab with the results.

For a player who has hidden his nickname, nothing will visually change – he is shown his original nickname, next to which a special anonymizer sign will be displayed. While the rest of the players will be able to see only a randomly generated name.

Platoon anonymity

With the anonymizer turned on, you can play as usual in a platoon with friends or join a dynamic one during a battle. But keep in mind that your co-platoons will see the nickname, and therefore the statistics, if they have special mods installed.

If you plan to activate the anonymity option in the future, we recommend that you do not install XVM or other modifications to display statistics. Possible incorrect operation of hiding the nickname.

Anonymity abuse and policy violation

You can still get punished for unsportsmanlike conduct or violation of the rules of the game… Also, anonymity does not protect players using prohibited modifications. For those who will abuse anonymity, making a mess in the chat or preventing other team members from playing, a punishment is provided in the form of permanently blocking the anonymity option.


The anonymizer is designed to make the game more comfortable and eliminate many unpleasant situations arising from statistics. The tank audience is divided into players who try to demonstrate maximum results, “sweat” to take 3 marks, or don’t sell equipment until they take the “Master”. The other part plays just for fun, without bothering with statics.

Therefore, the introduction of anonymity will benefit everyone, because each of us wants to get pleasant emotions from the game, and not spoiled nerves. Stay polite to your allies, do not get hung up on someone else’s opinion.

Cover allies who have come under enemy focus, and help newcomers or inexperienced players with practical advice. Good luck on the battlefields!

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