• December 6, 2023

Apex Legends: Top 10 guns for beginners

The sheer number of weapons in Free Battle Royale can confuse new players, so it’s good to know the most effective ones. We share our gaming experience and unique life hacks.

Top 10 weapons in Apex Legends for beginners

Apex Legends is a complex multiplayer game where your success depends on many factors… Positioning, movement, teamwork, competent use of skills and choosing the right and appropriate weapon. If such things as researching the map and picking the desired hero come only with experience, then you can figure out the weapons in advance. This makes learning the game much easier.

One character can only have 2 weapons with you… Apex Legends has 7 categories of guns and 5 types of cartridges… The entire list of weapons is huge and is regularly updated with updates, so any newcomer can get confused.

The top ten weapons for beginners differ not only in firepower and efficiency, but also quite easy control… Using any of the following cannons, you can not only pose a serious danger, but also become a champion!

Regardless of the weapon you choose, you need to get used to it after playing 3-4 games. Better not to jump to early conclusions.


  • 10th place: R-99 submachine gun, light ammunition
  • 9th place: L-STAR light machine gun, energy ammunition
  • 8th Place: Energy Rifle Sniper Rifle, Energy Ammo
  • 7th place: Spitfire light machine gun, heavy ammunition
  • 6th Place: LMG Devotion, Energy Ammo
  • 5th Place: Flatline Assault Rifle, Heavy Ammo
  • 4th place: Volt submachine gun, energy ammunition
  • 3rd place: Chaos assault rifle, energy ammunition
  • 2nd Place: EVA-8 Auto Shotgun, Shotgun Ammo
  • 1st place: assault rifle carbine R-301, light ammunition

10th place: R-99 submachine gun, light ammunition

R-99, light ammunition

An excellent choice for those who prefer fast fighting style… The submachine gun is loaded with light rounds and inflicts average damage: 17 in the head, 11 in the body and 9 in the legs. Hull DPS is a whopping 198, which is a lot.

because of high rate of fire (the largest in the game) The R-99 is difficult to hold in one position when the trigger is pulled, so that 198 damage is not always guaranteed. Best of all, the gun manifests itself in the early stages, when you can quickly neutralize opponents who are not fully equipped and have non-top armor. In the late game, most gamers change the SMG due to low damage of each bullet separately.

9th place: L-STAR light machine gun, energy ammunition

L-STAR, energy ammunition

Unlike other LMGs, the L-STAR takes ammo directly from inventory, overheating after 22 shots contract. Only optics and standard modifications can be put on it, so the powerful recoil and low flight of the projectile cannot be corrected.

However, L-STAR is the most versatile light machine gun, which is excellent not only in close combat, but also at a distance for assault rifles. Besides, at the cannon high damage per second and doubled headshot damage.

Specific indicators: 36 in the head, 18 in the body and 14 in the legs.

The main advantage of the weapon is its unique overheating mechanics. If you use L-STAR wisely, then you can generally never recharge until the inventory runs out. Noticeable projectiles from the submachine gun are great at distracting (and drawing attention) enemies, and if you shoot at the door handle, it will open.

8th Place: Power Rifle Sniper Rifle, Energy Ammo

Energy rifle, energy ammunition

When the Power Rifle came out in Apex Legends, many players were outraged by her power… In subsequent patches, the weapons were balanced, but, nevertheless, they remained top-notch.

Using energy cartridges in the clip, the cannon fires plasma energy beamthat you need to charge beforehand. Unlike all other weapons in battle royale, the deadly shot reaches the goal instantly and increases damage depending on the distance traveled (the further, the more). Standard the damage indicator is: 56 in the head, 45 in the body and 45 in the legs. Thanks to the instant hit from the Energovka, it is easy to target even moving targets, without thinking about the flight of the projectile and the movements of the enemy.

7th place: Spitfire light machine gun, heavy ammunition

Spitfire, heavy ammunition

Many players dislike Spitfire because of its low rate of fire in any situation, whether it is shooting on the go or standing still. Also, many do not like the fact that when the trigger is pressed with a weapon, it is extremely difficult to manage, because first the muzzle leads up and to the left, and then up and to the right. For the most efficient use, it is recommended shoot long bursts and install good optics

Despite all of the above, this is an excellent beginner cannon due to the high damage per second and thanks to low recoil… The latter quality allows you to quickly get used to the disadvantages of the Spitfire.

Highest damage per shop among light machine guns due to the most capacious clip among weapons of this type. Damage indicators: 38 for the head (+ doubling), 19 for the body and 14 for the legs.

6th Place: LMG Devotion, Energy Ammo

Devotion, energy ammo

The SMG boasts impressive DPS, which reaches 240. At the same time headshot deals 32 double damage, and 16 and 12 damage are counted in the torso and legs, respectively. But, like all weapons in Apex Legends, “Devotion” is balanced, so in addition to high damage, the cannon also has disadvantages. In particular, this great payoff, slow recharge and long acceleration… The latter means that the rate of fire of the machine gun increases for a long time in the automatic mode of fire.

Best of all, the cannon shows itself at medium distances and when aiming moving objects. Devotion is also good for intense gunfights that involve multiple groups.

5th Place: Flatline Assault Rifle, Heavy Ammo

Flatline, heavy ammunition

The V-47 “Flatline” has always been considered one of the most reliable assault rifles in the game and has always been popular with both novice and seasoned champions. The tangible impact is compensated good DPS in 190 damage, and specific characteristics are 38 doubled damage to the head, 19 to the body and 14 to the legs.

Flatline is top-end at mid-range and aimed shots, so good and player-friendly optics are very important. Considering that the search for this assault rifle and its ammunition is not a problem, in almost every match you can hone your skills with the V-47.

4th place: Volt submachine gun, energy ammunition

Volt, energy ammunition

Perhaps, the most simple and undemanding to beginners submachine gun in the game. He uses energy cartridges, boasts 180 damage per second and good damage per shot (25 in the head, 15 in the body, 12 in the legs). But there are also disadvantages in the face small shop

Volt always has automatic firing mode activated, above average returns and a small range of defeat. It is most effective to equip it for close and medium range gunfights.

It is simply forbidden to use “Volt” at long distances, because if the target is not within a radius of 37.5 meters, then the damage to the head will not be doubled.

3rd place: Chaos assault rifle, energy ammunition

Chaos, energy ammunition

At first glance, “Chaos” is very complex and even ineffective, because before you shoot, the internal relay in the assault rifle needs to be rotated… This disadvantage is compensated for after installing the turbo heater module, but even in its basic form, the weapon is very formidable.

If a beginner spends a few matches getting used to unusual shooting, high impact and slow rechargethen it will be rewarded high damage per second, big damage for a shot and a double multiplier on a hit to the head.

Plus, Chaos boasts largest store capacity among assault rifles and fastest projectile speed (also among the SHV). To some extent, this is a mixture of a rifle with a light machine gun.

2nd Place: EVA-8 Auto Shotgun, Shotgun Ammo

EVA-8 Auto, Shotgun Ammo

The EVA-8 is a pump-action shotgun with an always-on auto-fire mode. It would seem that, damage per second, equal to 132, and 11 damage to the head, 7 to the torso and 6 to the legs is a very small indicator, so why the cannon took the honorable second place in the top? The thing is that with this weapon very easy and intuitive to operate… Compared to the same “Mozambique” with much higher damage, EVA-8 is much more effective, since it can fight not only in close combat, but also at medium distance, and using the cannon is much easier.

In many ways, this shotgun depends on the optics and the shutter, so the sooner you can find the appropriate modules, the more chances of a kill. With EVA-8 convenient to shoot at moving targets close due to high rate of fire and medium recoil.

Weapons have a 10% penalty to accuracy due to movement, but in reality they have no effect, so you can dodge and fire at the same time. You can also shoot from the hip, then there will be no penalty at all.

1st place: assault rifle carbine R-301, light ammunition

R-301, light ammunition

Incredible mobility and agility the R-301 carbine more than compensates for the small damage. The weapon deals 182 damage per second, and each shot is equal to 28 damage to the head, 14 to the torso and 11 to the legs. There is a double multiplier on a headshot and the ability change the shooting mode between automatic and single.

it the simplest cannon in Apex Legendswhich is easy to get used to and master. It performs excellently both in the early and late stages of the game. R-301 allows you to fire at any distanceand those who panic and blindly shoot from the hip will clearly be surprised to find that they have neutralized one or two enemies in this way. Ideal for the beginner!

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