• December 1, 2023

Are there good gaming accessories for sale on AliExpress?

AliExpress is a huge online marketplace. Here you can find whatever your heart desires. In particular, gaming accessories. Let’s see what the Chinese market can offer us and how much will it make the gamer’s life easier? This is what this online store can present to us. What is most important for the player: mouse, keyboard, headset, rug, etc. (for now, this is enough).


Indeed, there are good options, among them there are several worthy mice to buy:

  • Logitech G2 The mouse is popular with gamers for its minimalist design and versatility, making it suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. Link to AliExpress
  • Motospeed V70 has RGB backlighting, Teflon feet, and a nice tactile coating. Also, this company has an application that will allow you to adjust the backlight and mouse sensitivity. Link to AliExpress
    Motospeed V70
  • HAVIT 2.4G – considering the price, a chic option. No drivers are needed, there are five buttons tailored for games and surfing, works up to 15 meters.
  • AZZOR a huge plus is that it charges, not batteries. Quiet, lightweight, what more could you want for $ 10? Link to AliExpress
  • Razer Deathadder needs no special introduction. It is possible to find the original at a nice price. There are 5 programmable buttons and an ergonomic design. Link to AliExpress
    Razer Deathadder


In the segment of keyboards, the Chinese giant can also offer good devices, moreover, it is much cheaper than competitors:

  • DBPOWER mechanical keyboard, 6 backlight colors, 12 customizable keys. Medium resistance and characteristic sound, good connection. Among the minuses – Russian engraving is not highlighted. Link to AliExpress
  • LINGBAO JIGAUNSHI stylish device, there is an option with or without backlight. And thus makes it universal. 11 modes are available in backlit versions. The life of the keys is about 50 million keystrokes. There is no Russian engraving, but the seller is ready to send stickers.
  • Metoo ZERO – professional game chip available. Very laconic design, there is also a bend in the keys, which reduces the chance of missing. What is important during the game? You can customize the backlight for yourself, even individual keys. No drivers are needed, which makes life easier. There is no Russian engraving, but the seller is ready to send stickers. Link to AliExpress
    Metoo ZERO


With a headset, everything is more complicated. You will not find super high-quality premium headphones here, but if you are interested in inexpensive ones, then there is plenty to choose from. They’re not perfect, but they sound decent. Here are the top three:

  • Kotion EACH G2000 high-quality sound and powerful bass. Not suitable for audiophiles and music lovers. But enough for gaming. There is a backlight (only via USB). Also a good microphone for voice chats and video calling. Of the minuses, I can highlight the lack of noise reduction. Link to AliExpress
    Kotion EACH G2000
  • Onikuma K10 RGB – RGB-backlit, sharp-angled on-ear headphones. Work with a PC is declared. The emphasis is on bass, so it’s too much for music. And for games, a suitable option. There is also noise reduction and a high-quality microphone. Link to AliExpress
    Onikuma K10 RGB
  • Kingston HyperX Cloud Silver the name says everything for this headset. An eminent brand that does great. Enhanced sound and precise positioning take immersion to a whole new level, and studio soundproofing capabilities keep distractions from being distracted, even in noisy environments. At the same time, the headphones are also suitable for everyday needs: you can listen to music and watch videos in them all day long without feeling tired ears.
    Kingston HyperX Cloud Silver


There is nothing complicated about them, so the Chinese do an excellent job with the production of rugs. Plus – it is inexpensive and at the level of famous brands.

  • Vococal RGB Mousepad for Fallout Game technology has reached the rugs. Here, the backlight goes along the entire edge. The woven fabric, together with the micro-textured coating and smooth surface, creates a pleasant-to-touch surface. USB charging, no drivers or software. Connect and use. The rubberized bottom also has an anti-slip effect. Link to AliExpress
    Vococal RGB Mousepad for Fallout Game
  • Rakoon Gaming Mouse Pad ideal for novice gamers. Will let you know if you need a rug at all? And is it worth thinking about something more expensive in the future. A certain tester. For its money, it is executed with high quality and taste. Link to AliExpress
  • Pbpad Mouse Speed Version hard mat, it creates problems for the seller, because they are very bad to transport. Therefore, the guys from this company offer products that look like hard ones (after all, they are completely smooth, which increases sliding). It is possible to create your own design, everything is done with high quality (no smell, protruding threads and wrinkled edges).
    Pbpad Mouse Speed ​​Version

You can also add gaming laptop stands to the list, but they are not very useful, so I see no reason to waste your time. Yes, there is a slight cooling, but there is no point in spending on them.


There are goods of different quality and prices. This greatly increases the choice. This analysis presents some of the best. Something, yes, you should like it. Also, do not underestimate “Alik”, because there are branded devices there as well. Some goods are simply difficult to transport (the situation with hard rugs). But beyond that, there is plenty to choose from. Yes, you will need to wait, but this way you can grab a really expensive device cheaper than in an offline store and save a lot. What is very important, because assembling the PC itself will also take a lot of money, and this can hit your budget quite robustly.

Finally, let’s look at the prices.

Devices Price
Logitech G102 $ 23.03
Motospeed V70 $ 19.99
HAVIT 2.4G $ 13.82
AZZOR $ 9.99
Razer Deathadder $ 26.99
DBPOWER ~ $ 34
Metoo ZERO $ 33.30 / $ 38.60
LINGBAO JIGAUNSHI $ 27.05- $ 44.09
Kotion EACH G2000 $ 18.86
Onikuma K10 RGB $ 26.25 – 31.84
Kingston HyperX Cloud Silver $ 77.99
Vococal RGB Mousepad for Fallout Game $ 5.48 – 14.54
Rakoon Gaming Mouse Pad $ 4.97
Pbpad Mouse Speed ​​Version $ 14.82

Now you can safely create a setup for your taste and opportunity, as well as enjoy the games to the fullest. You can, of course, highlight something else among the accessories, but that would be superfluous, as for me. The most budgetary set will cost you $ 80, and the most expensive $ 159. Average cost depends on what kind of mix you make yourself.

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