• May 19, 2024

As a gift a cult game for 1 victory in WoT

Wargaming distributes the game to all tankers as a gift for the Cosmonautics Day. Here’s how to get it.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we are we will tell and show you what you need to do to get the Master of Orion and what this game is all about. Let’s say right away that it is single-user, that is, it does not require an Internet connection. The game is paid, has many positive reviews on the Steam platform and will be a gift from VGto spend time with interest at home. You can pick it up until April 23.

Master of orion Is a 4x turn-based strategy game in space. The player will have to develop his civilization (10 races in total), explore the outer space of distant galaxies and participate in interstellar battles. Lead your civilization to victory while resisting enemy colonization, enter into diplomatic relations with mysterious aliens and develop technologies (over 75 types).

Also, the features of the game world include:

  • high-quality artificial intelligence based on the characteristics of each race;
  • various options for the development of civilization based on the selected technologies;
  • huge galactic expanses of up to 100 solar systems, stars and planets;
  • three ways to achieve victory: enslave enemy civilizations, gain technical superiority, or a diplomatic option is available for pacifists.

The game is very exciting, intriguing, captivating, so you constantly have to say to yourself: “Well, that’s it, this is the last move and I’ll round it off,” and then repeat this phrase over and over again.

Let’s show the system requirements right away:

The game is 2016, so everything is moderate here. If the tanks are working, then it will go without any problems.

Combat task to get the game:

And three more tasks to get customization in World of Tanks:

After completing the quest, the Master of Orion will be available for download through Wargaming.net Game Center. Players will have access to the original version of the game, a major expansion, new races, and other Collector’s Edition bonuses.

Installing the game:

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