• February 22, 2024

Assassin’s Creed: 5 Worst Assassins

A poorly written hero often leads to the collapse of the project, and his return in new parts can seriously harm the plot. This landmark franchise also has characters like this.

Assassin's creed

Not all Assassin’s Creed heroes are equally good, and not all of them deserve a return in future parts of the franchise. We’ve already talked about the best assassins of the entire series, which should actually appear in new games. They have a lot of blind spots in their history, and the character of these heroes is unique and interesting enough that players will want to watch them a little more. What about those who should never return? Assassin’s Creed has 5 of these Assassins, and we want to tell you more about them.

Jacob Fry

Assassin's creed

Although Jacob’s story was not fully completed, there is no real reason to return it. His descendant was also featured during the First World War, which means that he may be associated with the events taking place at the time. but fan interest in his fate is simply not enough.

Unlike his sister, Jacob was the protagonist of one scene as he was totally focused on the mechanics of the assassination rather than any deep meaning behind it. It just doesn’t matter enough to the storyto ensure it comes back even as a flashback.

Connor Kenway

Assassin's creed

While we recommend returning to the older parts of the franchise after completing Valhalla, Connor is not the most attractive character to return in new games in the series. His whole role in this story is this is the image of an “angry man”, and it will simply not be interesting to look at it again. This image is too one-sided.

Connor was important to the story only for Desmond to gain access to the vault, after which he practically lost all meaning as a character. To make it viable again, the show will have to undergo a major rework and update, but this is not necessary.

Arno Dorian

Assassin's creed

There was probably no more empty image in this franchise than this guy. Usually Arno takes the last places in various TOP-ah of the heroes of the franchise. In fact, his entire arc revolved around the love story with Alice, after which he became extremely boring to watch.

Most people have already forgotten what his place is in the franchise’s plot, and it would be foolish to suddenly bring him back as if he was ever important. Accidental mention here or there sounds fine, but a complete resurrection of the character is out of the question.

Amunet (Ayia)

Assassin's creed

Like Connor, Amunet was driven most by rage. While this concept sounds good on paper, it’s actually pretty boring to follow this concept over and over again. And the character’s story is already complete, as she found her true calling and was happy with where she ended up at the end of her journey.

Another reason to consider her story complete is the fact that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey showed that Amunet is a direct descendant of Cassandra. This means that she inherited a legacy from her eagle-bearer ancestor, thereby closing the circle of her origin.


Assassin's creed

Her story was completed to the point that even in fan stories, the emotional and funny sides of Cassandra are little supplemented. It was also revealed that she had survived for over two thousand years. The heroine died only after she gave the Staff of Hermes to Leila.

While the decision to bring her back might seem interesting and easy to implement, Cassandra can be shown at any moment of 2 thousand years of her seclusion, this is not necessary, since its end is already known. She has fulfilled her task, and she does not need to return in new parts of the franchise due to the fact that Amunet is revealed as her descendant, thus effectively linking her with the assassins of the future.

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