• March 4, 2024

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How To Get Sigurd To Stay With Eyvor

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, choice plays an important role. The end of the game depends a lot on the decisions you make throughout the storyline. So, Sigurd Stirbjornsson, Eyvor’s half-brother, can either stay with you in Ranvenstorp in the final or return to Norway. How he will act is directly up to you.

In total, five key decisions affect the ending of the game. If you end up making three bad choices, Sigurd will return to Norway. Here are the decisions you need to make in order for Sigurd to stay with you:

  • The property they obtained from Kyotve should not be taken when Sigurd asks Eyvor about it just before the trip to England.
  • Eyvor should not start a relationship with Randwy before she breaks up with Sigurd. This happens when they go to Grantbridge.
  • Eyvor doesn’t need to beat Bashim or Sigurd during their argument in Oxenfordshire.
  • Eyvor must give Doug his ax during the battle between him and Doug.
  • Eyvor should not contradict Sigurd in his judgments.

Making a different decision in at least any of the three scenarios mentioned above could lead to Sigurd’s return to Norway. Remember that if you only have three wrong choices, you can correct one of them in your last conversation with your brother – this may convince Sigurd to stay in England. However, if you have accumulated more than three “bad” decisions during the game, it will be useless.

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