• May 25, 2022

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How To Kill The Corpse Eater Wolves

By building the Hunting Lodge in Ravensthorpe, you can begin the hunt for the legendary creatures of Saxon England. Among the first animals you unlock will be the Corpse Eaters. This ferocious pack of wolves is no joke, so below we will tell you how to proceed to make sure to destroy them.

Where can I find the Corpse Eaters?

You will stumble upon them in Oxenfordshire, near the village of Perry, just northeast of Buckingham. Coming closer, you will see a walled area where several structures stand, and heaps of dead bodies lie on the grass. It is then that the cut-scene will begin, after which you will have to fight for your life.

General battle tactics

This fight is a formidable challenge. As soon as the intro cutscene ends, three giant wolves will immediately rush at you. If you stay where you are, Eyvor will have very little chance against three strong opponents. It is necessary to get out of the open place as soon as possible and force the wolves to fight in turn. The best tactical solution is to climb one of the nearby stone buildings. Only two wolves will be able to get there, but fortunately not at the same time. This gives you a significant advantage.

To fight the corpse eaters, you do not need to have legendary equipment and a pumped character. It is quite possible to cope with them with conventional weapons, and a power level of 150 points will be enough to win. Of the abilities, the most useful are the improvement of the reaction, the field of successful evasion (By a hair’s breadth from death), the skill “Attack of the Valkyries” and the skill “Clarity of the norns”.

White Wolf

As soon as you find yourself on the roof, the white wolf will jump there first to fight with you. Fast and manoeuvrable, he will easily knock you to the ground at the slightest opportunity, where you will become easy prey for other wolves, so be sure to dodge when he attacks. You shouldn’t attack yourself, headlong, first of all focus on delivering a couple of blows immediately after each of his attacks. Also, do not forget to shoot arrows at the weak points of the white wolf – this will take away from him about one-fifth of his health scale. If you need a little time to heal, you can jump and run to another structure. Climbing up there on the roof, you will get a short respite. It will be useful to collect arrows from bodies on the ground along the way, their supply will greatly facilitate your life.

Night Wolf

After you kill the white wolf, the night wolf will jump onto the roof and rush at you almost immediately, so be on the lookout. This large black wolf has twice the stamina, and has the extremely unpleasant trait of grabbing Eyvor with its mouth and wagging him from side to side. In this case, press the light attack button as quickly as possible so as not to take too much damage. The battle tactics are in many ways the same as with the previous enemy. Shoot his weak points for a powerful stun attack, dodge attacks, and hit multiple hits of your choice when the moment is right. When the wolf has about one third of its health remaining, it will jump to the ground and begin to recover – at this point, use the bow to prevent it from healing.

Big wolf

The last wolf of the pack is the “big bad wolf” who, judging by his build, seems to have eaten far more than three fairy piglets. However, its huge size limits its movement, as a result of which, it will not be able to jump onto the roof. If you still have a few arrows left, take advantage of this and do some damage before jumping down and engaging in the fray. The big wolf does not attack very quickly, but it is able to kill you with one or two hits. The moment after dodging is the best time to jump back and collect arrows from corpses nearby. When shooting from a bow, aim at the head, which is its most vulnerable spot. But don’t go too far, otherwise the wolf will jump at you with a powerful attack.


As in the case of hunting any other legendary animals, after defeating the Corpse Eaters, you will receive a trophy in the form of a tattoo on your arm. You can get a tattoo in Raventorp.

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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