How to fix error 0xa3ea00ca on Xbox Game Pass?

Many users around the world have encountered error 0xa3ea00ca when downloading games from EA Play from Xbox Game Pass to their computer. It is typical for the crash that after clicking on the “Install” button on any game of the developer, a pop-up window appears for a split second, instantly replaced by the error 0xa3e903e8. … Read more

why it occurs and how to fix it

Error 0x87e10bc5 can occur while downloading and installing various applications in the Microsoft store on Windows 10. Some users on the network claim that after the error appeared, they lost the ability to launch other applications from the branded store. The problem is quite serious, because it severely limits the functionality of Windows 10. In … Read more

Top 8 Best Anime VR Games for All Platforms

VR, albeit not as quickly as many would like, is becoming more accessible. Players are looking for decent projects for VR headsets, including in a subgenre such as anime. These few games set fairly high standards. Some of the games are based on popular franchises, others are standalone, but each one deserves attention. 8. Sairento … Read more

10 iconic acting and directing tandems

It is no secret that for many years of work, the director invariably designates for himself the pool of actors with whom he is most comfortable working. However, at times, this bond becomes incredibly strong. Many directors literally get hung up on a certain actor and try to use him in their best projects. It … Read more

why it occurs and how to fix it

Epic Games Store launcher error E200-0 is encountered by a huge number of players around the world. Typically, this code appears when you download and install free games that Epic Games distributes for free on its site on a regular basis. The error message contains the following information: Product activation failed! There are problems with … Read more

(Solved!) Error 0x8007232b when activating Windows 10

Error code 0x8007232b appears for Windows 10 Enterprise users. It is displayed when an attempt is made to activate the operating system. It means that the KMS server was not found, and according to the Microsoft database – “DNS address does not exist.” This is a versatile error that doesn’t always appear for obvious reasons. … Read more

10 actors who became famous playing notorious villains

Indeed, few actors dream of playing negative characters when they go into the profession. However, external data, charisma and the director’s vision lead many to the slippery slope of villainy. And if almost everyone loves goodies, it is especially difficult to become a popular antagonist. Often, actors become hostages of a well-played negative image, after … Read more