• February 22, 2024

Autumn Sale for Silver and Gold in World of Tanks. Hurry up to buy in 3 days

A new promotion that, albeit belatedly, brings Black Friday into the game with low prices for machinery and equipment.

Autumn sale
art from Ruslan Sery.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and global discounts in the World of Tanks. Three months after the release of Equipment 2.0, the developers for the first time give the opportunity to stock up at discounts.

Discounts in the game from November 20, 9:00 Moscow time until November 23, 8:30 Moscow time.

Discounts on pumped vehicles:

  • 50% up to level 5;
  • 30% from 6 to 7 levels;
  • 15% from 8 to 10 levels.

Discounts for upgraded vehicles

Discounts for premium vehicles for gold:

  • 50% up to level 5;
  • 30% from 6 to 7 levels;
  • 15% at level 8.

Discounts on premium vehicles for gold

Equipment and gear sold with a 50% discount for silver:discount on gear and equipment

There is also a maximum bonus of 40 to 1 for converting combat experience to free.

And this weekend is waiting for us Operation Uranus with 4 combat missions:

The “Spider” decal can be obtained only once per account.decal spider

We also draw your attention to the fact that today there is a new offer in the premium store – Primo Victoria with a 40% discount. Is it worth buying if you can get a free alternative – read our dedicated article.

And today we also talked about why it is worth taking Object 777 Option 2 for the “Steel Hunter”.

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