• February 22, 2024

Avatar: promotional codes for gold today


Over the past 10 years, the IT world has changed beyond recognition. During the time when social networks developed at a rapid pace, and the influx of new users increased exponentially, web-developers tried to interest the audience with new game projects. So, in 2011 was created Avataria – a world where dreams come true

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Features of the game

Avataria is game analogue of a social network… An unconventional approach to human interaction, coupled with a large number of in-game activities and a rich reward system, did their job, and the project began to develop. More about gaming features of Avatar:

  • Instead of a faceless profile of a regular messenger or social network, the project proposes to create your own animated character and personalize it (looks, hairstyles, wardrobe and much more).

avatariya - characters

  • Each character has its own own apartmentthat can be decorated and improved. The number of rooms is limited only by the financial capabilities of the character.

Avataria - apartment

  • Interaction between characters (real people) is close to reality. They can communicate, visit different locations together (parks, clubs, salons, restaurants), arrange noisy parties and throw lavish weddings. Or simply act out the roles with hugs, kisses and fights.

Avataria - wedding

  • The motivational component of the game is presented in the form achievements and rare prizesoutstanding for specific merit. There is a system of levels, VIP-statuses and daily tasks.

Avataria - VIP

The regulation of such an ecosystem is carried out using in-game currency (silver, gold) and promotional codes.

Where to get Avatar codes

There are two different risk-based ways to get coupons:

  1. Safe… Associated with constant monitoring official developer resources (groups on social networks VK and Odnoklassniki, as well as an account on the streaming platform Twitch) for active distributions and contests.
  2. Risky… Some players claim that they have knowledge of new promo codes and will gladly share them for a modest reward. Having received a valuable item as a result of exchange, they safely disappear. Unfortunately, 99.9% of the “information dealers” in Avatar are ordinary scammers

Avatar promo codes for June 2021

The main feature of promotional codes and coupons in Avatar is the ability to receive various prizes. Among the awards may be currency, VIP status, interior items, clothing, etc.

Promo codes in Avatar for today

Here we will be posting new Avatar promo codes as they become available. Be careful! The lifespan of one coupon usually does not exceed 24 hours. Stay tuned for updates to always be one step ahead of others.

Sometimes there are gifts with gold coins:

gift Avatar

Codes are updated online every day after 18:00 Moscow time. Some are limited in number of uses.

Avatar promo codes for gold

Avatar - promo code for gold

The most valuable are promotional codes for gold… This is the main currency that opens up the maximum opportunities in Avatar. Below you will find several ways to get this type of coupon for free.

  • pr_GGOiJLRqNqgold300
  • pr_VKGG48wSAfvgold500
  • pr_tgcGGTWMSteReWgold100
  • pr_GG100aFmallgold100
  • pr_tgcYTmmmgold300
  • pr_VKGG4Gj4agold100
  • pr_tgcGGTWuCgold100
  • pr_tgcGGTWiKOdoHgold500
Now codes for gold practically do not come out, but the developers in the official VK group often hold a repost contest in which they give 100-300 gold coins.

Relevant codes are now added immediately to the section “Promo codes for today”.

VK Avatar promo codes

Official community where developers share fresh news about the status of the project, notify about hot events, suit contests and free distribution

Relevant codes are now added immediately to the section “Promo codes for today”.

Most of the coupons published are one-off and require quick reactions and a bit of luck from players.

Promo codes Avatar Odnoklassniki

A community similar to the previous one with quizzes and contests for repost. With some activity, you can grab the desired coupon for gold absolutely free.

Streams Avatar promo codes

Twitch is another platform where bloggers close to the developers interact with the audience and give out one-time promotional codes… Live broadcasts are held daily, so everyone has a chance to win.

Relevant codes are now added immediately to the section “Promo codes for today”.

Where to enter bonus codes

If you managed to get the long-awaited promotional code, you need to activate it in the game as soon as possible. This requires:

one. Go to the “Support” tab:


2. Click on the “Promo code” button:

Avatar - help

3. Enter the code in the appropriate field and click “Activate“.

Avatar - promo code

If it has not been used by someone else, gold and bonuses will be credited to the account player. Otherwise, the screen will display next message

Avatar - incorrect promo code

We hope that among you there will definitely be some lucky ones who will be one of the first to activate the promo code. If successful, do not forget to write about it in the comments so that we can timely replace the used coupons with new ones.

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