• September 28, 2023

Battle of Bloggers 2020 in WoT

How to participate and get the best prizes? A complete overview of the largest event at the beginning of this year. Four teams will clash for the best awards in the name of their favorite blogger!

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we couldn’t stay away from the upcoming epic confrontation, which will allow players to team up with the chosen blogger in the fight for the title of the best!

We have prepared for you an overview of all the awards, rules and features of the tournament, everything players need to know.

general information

You will fight for the chosen blogger on level 10 vehicles in 7×7 battles. Do not despair if you do not have suitable equipment, because for the tournament everyone will be given 5 “tens” for rent.

Teams are formed exclusively among the players of the same team, so only your like-minded people will be allies. Cooperate forces together, unite in platoons and discuss tactics to earn points and get all the rewards.

Please note that once you choose a blogger’s side, you cannot change it. Therefore, consider your decision carefully. You can choose a team until February 6, 1:00 Moscow time.


For success in personal and team progression, you can get:

Points gained in battles are counted not only in the individual, but also in the team competition. The team with the most points will be the winner.

Reward Styles:

By increasing the level of your progression, you can get the following bonuses from Blogging Content:

For in-game gold, 4 more unique styles will become available for purchase, one for each blogger:

Decals of participants

Decals of popular bloggers not included in the TOP 3 are also available:

How to take part in the event?

You can side with one of the bloggers in the game itself, using one of three options:

  • through the “Battle of Bloggers” window in the lower right corner;
  • when clicking on the checkbox
  • through the “Tasks” tab

How to collect points

All teams fight for leadership by gaining command points. Also, a personal progression is available for each player. To lead the chosen blogger to victory, you will have to show solidarity. There are two options for farming points:

  • 7×7 battles in the format of an oncoming battle only at 10 levels. There are two restrictions: one platoon per team and only one SPG. Win – 4 points and defeat – 2 points.
  • special BZ for performing in random battles.

Maps on which battles will take place:

Bonus to earned glasses will be stand out team, occupying last thing a placeConsidering tense competition, more likely Total, what bonus will become transitional and time from time will get each of teams


As the name of the event suggests, not only the players take part, but also the bloggers. They have 6 skills that will directly help you get more progression points. Each of the bloggers independently decides when and what skill to apply, so stay tuned for alerts from your chosen ones. They can activate each skill once a day, but not simultaneously.

Progression system

At the beginning of the event, everyone will have the first level. After receiving 60 points, the level rises and is encouraged by Blogging Content. The value of the rewards is higher with each next level. The main rewards can be obtained in 10 stages:

If there is a desire to move on and support the blogger, then for each next level (up to 30) additional allowances will be issued.

Final reward – blogger-commander with the “Bulb”. Each participant who reaches stage 10 will receive it, but depending on the place occupied by the blogger, it differs in the number of skills available for learning:

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