• December 5, 2023

Best Among Us settings for the perfect game

The game can be completely transformed using the settings. However, not all combinations are equally convenient. We share with you the best parameters of the skating rinks in this virtual mafia!

Among Us

Thanks to its sci-fi setting and social deduction mechanics, Among Us has proven to be incredibly popular. Twitch’s latest hit pits players (honest teammates) against a select number of impostors trying to kill everyone else in the group. These seemingly ominous elements are softened by cute, colorful avatars running across the screen. Among Us, there are many different settings that can change both the dynamics of the game and the very essence of the confrontation. Here are the best settings for the perfect Among Us game.

First, players will need to set parameters manually. To do this, the leader (the one who created the party) will need access to settings via laptop in the luggage compartment. There are many things you can change here, including the rules for each Among Us round and other features. One of the things that makes the gameplay so fun is the ability to completely change the game for yourself. Tired of playing the classics? It can make life much harder for traitors or a team! However, there are some points that can make the party better for everyone.

The ideal setting for an Among Us room is as follows:

  • Traitor’s field of view – 1.75;
  • Team member’s field of view – 0.75;
  • The speed of all players is 1.25;
  • Disable the ability to find out who was expelled;
  • Short tasks should have a value of “3”, general – “2”, and long ones – “1”;
  • The cooldown of the impostor’s ability to “kill” should be around 15.

Why exactly these settings?

Among Us

One of the first things to change is offset the Impostor’s vision by 1.5 or 1.75. This enables the traitor to see further. But be sure to make sure that the assassin does not stray too far from the line of sight of other team members before choosing the range of the killer. For beginners, a vision of 1.0 or slightly higher is normal, but reducing it to 0.75 can actually increase the voltage and ensure that the round is the perfect combination of scary and functional. Increasing the player’s speed to 1.25 also makes the game more excitingbut too high a speed can allow the Pretenders to kill and then flee without ever being caught.

Another aspect of gameplay that needs to be changed to play Among Us perfectly is confirmed expulsions. This means people recognize the identity of the player when they are thrown off the ship. Establish that exiles must be completely anonymous. Yes, it can make things difficult for newbies, but it really adds tension and allows the game to flow a little better. In addition to the tension, time restore the ability to kill impostors must have reduced to 15 seconds… This makes the frantic, tense Among Us round almost perfect.

Other parameters that should be changed are related to tasks. There are three types of problems in Among Us: general, long and short. Shared tasks are tasks that everyone should perform. Shared Tasks are best set to 2, which can make it a little easier to spot imposters who are not doing a shared task with everyone. Long tasks are multi-step tasks that should be set to 1 to avoid overwhelming everyone. Each player must also complete short tasks, which means that their number should remain equal to 3, since they do not take much time. With these settings, the quest mechanics in Among Us will be well balanced.

To learn how to play with these settings, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the best ways to survive in Among Us. We can also share the secrets of the tactics of playing as an impostor. With these tricks, you will always win!

With these settings, the Among Us round will be almost perfect. This will not make the gameplay too easy, but at the same time the game will be more exciting.

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