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Best armor and armor sets in Assassin’s Creed (all parts)

In every new game in the franchise, Ubisoft uses Altair’s costume as a base and modifies it in unique ways.

Consider some of the most attractive outfits from Ezio to Eyvor.

AC II. Altair’s Armor

Altair armor from Assassin's Creed II

It all starts with Altair’s indestructible armor, which Ezio found in the Sanctuary under Villa Auditore. This is not a classic costume from the first part – most likely, Altair designed the armor using a new type of metal, which he learned about with the help of the Part of Eden.

AC II: Brotherhood. Brutus Armor

The Brotherhood's Heavy Brutus Armor

The armor used to belong to an assassin Mark Junius Brutus, Caesar’s assassin. Brutus left six keys, which later fell into the hands of the Followers of Romulus.

Keys and clue scrolls can be found after clearing the Follower’s hideouts.

This set of armor is also considered indestructible and is possibly crafted from the same metal Altair used. But if Altair’s armor looks elegant, then Brutus’s armor adds royalty to the hero.

AC II: Revelations. Ishak Pasha’s Armor

Ishak Pasha's Armor

Last on the list of supernatural armor sets is the Ishak Pasha Armor. Like the previous two sets, this armor is only available after an additional quest – collecting all 10 memoirs of Ishak Pasha

The armor comes with a mask that completely covers the face. Visually, this armor is much more bulky than the previous two, in comparison with it the classic form of the assassins seems weightless.

AC III. Colonial Assassin Armor Set and Wolf Outfit

Authentic skin suit for Radunhageidu

If in the second part with additions the player mainly repainted the already existing standard armor, then the third provided a large selection of different costumes. One of these is a luxurious suit made of feathers and skins, which looks most authentic on Radunhageydu due to its natural origin.

Prior to the release of the remaster, the costume was only obtainable in the Tyranny of King Washington DLC, but is now available in the main game.

Colonial Assassin Outfit

The second is the costume of the colonial brotherhood of assassins. Achilles Davenport was a member of this fraternity, so the costume can be worn as a tribute to the old assassin. The developers deviated a little from the classics in this case and considered variations on the theme of hats, replacing the hood with unique headwear for each suit.

AC Black Flag. Mayan & Templar Armor Sets

Mayan & Templar Armor Sets

Mayan armor is equivalent to that of Altair, Brutus, or Ishak Pasha, as it provides supernatural resistance to bullets. Visually, it is not very detailed, but it looks like a fairly believable work of Isu. Templar armor also provides good protection.

In it, Edward appears as part of the enemy elite, which is ironic – his own son, Haytham, becomes a Templar.

AC Unity. Napoleon’s artillery uniform and phantom costume

Phantom costume and artillery uniform

There is no shortage of chic suits in Unity – and this is not counting the variety of armor for all parts of the body. Two of these notable sets are Napoleon’s artillery uniform and the phantom costume. The first one is simple maintains a logical connection with its founder, and the second fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the game with a touch of mystery and aristocracy.

AC Syndicate. Master Assassin Outfit and Baron Jordan’s Robe

Twin Master Assassins Costumes

Jacob and Evie also have many different costumes. But the most notable of them are the master assassin costume for each of the twins and the Baron Jordan’s robe for Jacob. If we consider Evie and her outfits separately, then it deserves attention Minerva’s legacy – Aegis

AC Origins. Egyptian Gods and Isu Armor Sets

Isu's armor

One of Bayek’s most interesting personality traits was his faith – religious views were the theme in Origins. This idea grew stronger with the discovery of armor representing Anubis, Sekhmet, or Sobek.

Wearing these kits while completing Bayek’s revenge quest makes you feel like a person executing the punishment of the gods.

Isu’s armor in Origins, which Bayek could unlock after visiting all the stone circles, is more aesthetic than the same armor in Black Flag. But it’s still one of the most memorable kits Ubisoft has ever created.

AC Odyssey. Athenian War Hero and Artemis Armor Sets

Artemis and Athenian War Hero Armor Sets

There are tons of incredibly crafted armor sets for Kassandra or Alexios to wear in the main game, but favorites are the Artemis set and the Athenian War Hero Set. The whole Artemis kit is very suitable assassin hunter – the style works for both components of this title, while the Hero’s set looks defiant and eye-catching.

AC Valhalla. Thor and the Unseen Armor Sets

Thor and the Unseen Armor Sets

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has a variety of different Viking-themed armor sets, each tailored to a specific aesthetic for the Raven, Bear, and Wolf skill trees. For those players who prefer the path of the Bear, Thor’s armor is best suited.

Best builds in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

The style of the Unseen armor does not quite live up to its name, but of all the sets, it is he who is close to the style of the assassins’ costumes. In essence, it is a mixture of the Viking aesthetics and the regality of Brutus armor with the trimmings of Altair’s armor. However, the path of the Bear can be followed in the armor of the Invisibles thanks to the introduction of the transmogrification system.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla best armor (sets) and where to find it

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