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Best Disney + TV Shows | Top 10 in 2021

From animation for all tastes to projects for the Marvel and Star Wars universes. It seems Disney + has everything to put on Netflix’s shovels.


The more subscription services appear, the more difficult it is for each of them to motivate users. So far, Disney + is doing it with a bang. Having a rich supply of projects that have already been shot, he made a decision that may seem unexpected.

The variety of content is one of the key reasons for the success of a streaming service. Marvel Projects Archive, Star Wars and Pixar contributes to the development of the service, but its own series is what the emphasis is on.

Fun and high-budget sci-fi stories, sequels to popular franchises. Some of them have already become Emmy nominees. And most of them have impressive ratings on the IMDb website.

Monsters at work (2021 – …)

Monsters at work

The latest Disney + series is a milestone in history. In fact, Monsters at Work is the studio’s first full-length TV show. Pixar

The project returns the viewer to the world familiar since 2001. A direct sequel to the original film will bring back Sally and T-shirt, and the main character, this time, becomes Tylor Taskman – new employee Monster Inc., on whom the terrible news falls – the corporation is no longer frightening, but joking.

Judging by the positive reviews, it is worth watching how Taylor will get out of this situation.

High School Musical: The Musical (2019 -…)

Cool musical

High School Musical doesn’t look like a show on paper. Based on the film series of the same name, it is dedicated to the students of a real school, within the walls of which feature films were filmed. And, as expected, these students also stage a piece of music.

This may surprise some, but the show has found its own fanbase. Last but not least, this is the merit of the cast, which includes the pop star Olivia Rodrigo, and musical numbers. The series not only received critical acclaim, but also became the owner GLAAD Media

Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021)

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

One of the biggest sources of income for Disney + – cinematic universe Marvel… After a long hiatus, KVM returned in 2021 with its first series built into a system based on famous blockbusters. The second in a series of these projects was the show “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.

The series talks about the aftermath of the events of the film “The Avengers. The final” and the way Sam Wilson to Captain America’s shield. Sam’s partner in this fight is the one who is struggling with PTSD and trying to fit into a new world for him. Bucky Barnes… The series is praised for its acting and well-written social commentary, but criticized for the pace of the narrative and the ending. One way or another, but the fourth film about Cap has already been announced… And before its release, you should watch this series, otherwise there is a chance simply not to understand what is happening.

Big Shot (2021 – …)

Big boss

The Big Shot idea is not new, but time-tested and works over and over again. This is the story of a basketball coach with anger control problem who gets fired from a high-paying job and ends up in a private girls’ school.

As a coach Marvin Korn spoke John Stamos… And while this series is not something innovative, viewers appreciated how it showed Korn’s connection with the team. So those who appreciate a pleasant atmosphere and good acting should take a closer look at The Big Shot.

Mighty Ducklings: New Rules (2021 – …)

Mighty ducklings

The “big shot”, which was discussed above, is something similar to the original 1992 Mighty Ducklings, where the coach of a motley team of hockey players gradually gets used to his players and gets closer to him. Less than 10 years later, a spin-off show was released on Disney +.

Many years after the events of the first part, the coach Bombay calls the mother of a boy who was kicked out of the team. You can already guess what will come of this. Nostalgia and a well-presented loser story ensured the show’s success.

The Secret Society of Mr. Benedict (2021 – …)

Secret society

In 2020, the platform released a series based on the popular novel “Artemis Fowle”… The show turned out to be a failure, but in 2021 Disney + again took up the adaptation of the popular book series. And this time they did it.

The eight-episode first season of The Mysterious Society of Benedict is a fun, mysterious adventure, the story of gifted orphans who find themselves in the school of an eccentric philanthropist. The series has become a favorite family show with viewers around the world.

Wanda / Vision (2021)


It was with Wanda / Vision that the KVM block from Disney + started. The conceptual project was dedicated to life Scarlet Witch and Vision in sitcoms of different years. The viewer was introduced to new characters, including Monica Rambo, Billy and Tommy… And while some of the scenes were accompanied by offscreen laughter, this story is about grief, loss and trauma, which everyone deals with in their own way.

The series received 8 Emmy nominations, including:

  • Best Mini-Series.
  • Best Actress in a Miniseries (Elizabeth Olsen).
  • Best Actor in a Miniseries – Paul Bettany.
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries (Katherine Khan) and others.

Star Wars: Bad Batch (2021 – …)

Rejected batch

Like Marvel, Star Wars will soon receive a number of new projects on Disney +. One of them is Star Wars: The Bad Batch, a kind of spin-off The Clone Wars… It was there, in the last episode, that the audience was introduced to the heroes of the new series.

At the helm of the “Bad Batch” – the guru of the franchise Dave Filoniloved by the public for unique characters, stylish animations and expansion of the universe. Already flashed Caleb Dume, emperor Palpatine, From Guerrera, admiral Tarkin and Fennec Shand

Loki (2021 – …)


The third, and so far – the last, KVM series – “Loki”. And most people who watch it agree that this is the best Marvel show to date. The viewer is waiting for the story of that Lokithat the Tesseract snatched away in the finale of The Avengers. Except – oops – the god of deceit was captured Time Agency… And these guys, as it turned out, know how to lie no worse than Loki himself. In the end, the Asgardian and his variants reveal the truth. But what should they do with it and how will this truth affect the entire Marvel universe?

Special effects, dashing plot twists and a star-studded cast including Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson and Jonathan Majers, provided the series with a high rating.

Mandalorian (2019 – …)

Disney + began with the instant hit The Mandalorian. This is another project in the Star Wars universe, which tells the story of the Mandalorian mercenary Dina Jarinatraveling the galaxy and protecting baby Grogu

The story earned Disney + an Emmy for Best Drama Series. Surprisingly, the second season managed to surpass the success of the first and give the creators another nomination. The project is made even more significant by such “guest stars” as Ahsoka Tano, Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett.

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