• May 22, 2024

Best Family Game of 2020 – KeyWe

Winner of the annual international exhibition of computer games Gamescom Awards 2020… There are not so many family projects on the PC, Sony Playstation and Xbox consoles, which depressing those who plan to spend more time with their children, join the world of computer games with them.


However, in 2020, an announcement was made of a wonderful project that will satisfy all the requirements of family people – KeyWe

KeyWe Official Trailer

KeyWe Overview

Release date: 2021.

This project clearly refers to genre Puzzle, that is, a large number of various puzzles awaits the player.

The game is pretty cute. First of all, thanks to the main characters – two kiwi birds named Debra and Jeff. They both work in the post office according to the plot, which means they always have a lot of work.

To complete tasks players have to control the birdsby directing them to different places where they have to perform certain actions:

  • peck;
  • clap;
  • click;
  • jump.

Thus, they interact with devices – levers, bells and buttons. All this is done only in order to deliver letters and parcels on time.

Kiwi in KeyWe game type message

For driving birdies with a PC are offered two options:

  • or one controller / keyboard + mousewhen the user plays for two kiwis at once;
  • or two controllers – then everyone is responsible for the actions of their bird.

In this game, the appearance of the kiwi can be customized to your liking. The player is given access to change the color of the wings and clothing. All this allows you to make a unique birdwho works at the post office.

Graphic arts and sound row they didn’t disappoint – it’s nice to watch the game, but it’s interesting to spend time in it. Not least played in this gameplay, where the control is as simple as possible, and therefore does not bother.

Where to buy KeyWe

You can purchase this family game from a store like Steam.

System requirements for KeyWe

keywe sr

The year 2021 will delight fans of not only single stories, but also cooperative ones. In this case, of course, we are talking about family games. Projects like KeyWeare worthy of the time.

They perfectly bring together parents and children – like, for example, Just Dance or its analogues.

But you can also play with friends – the game has no age limit, but it has a perfectly implemented cooperative component.

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