• December 5, 2023

Best Independent Game 2020 – Curious Expedition 2

Winner of the Gamescom Awards 2020, the annual international computer games exhibition. The last couple of years have seen the prosperity of indie games. Quite a large number of projects this year made it difficult to choose among the nominees for the award. Received it Curious expedition 2

Curious Expedition 2 Official Trailer

Curious Expedition 2 Review

Release date: 2021.

Although the main genre of the game is indie, it is also referred to as Adventure: the plot is built on adventure and the spirit of adventurism.

The second part of “Curious expeditions” became a laureate for a reason Gamescom Awards… Here you can find not only the graphics characteristic of such unique projects, but also a high-quality sound track. Drawing is similar to cartoon. Although it is simple, it minimally distracts from the gameplay. This makes it much easier to immerse yourself in the world of searching for wealth and secrets.

German game developers Maschinen-Mensch decided not to reinvent the wheel: they just carried over the gameplay mechanics from the first part and improved them. For example, here you need to monitor the state of your group so that it does not run out of turn steps indicated by the English word Sanity

The combat system is made according to the principle dice roll… What abilities fall out – and they have to be used until the battle is over. After that, you need to pick up trophies, which in the future you can dispose of at your own discretion. However, here you have to deal with limited backpack size… The player needs to think over what is better to carry with him and what to get rid of.

A group of travelers on the island in Curious Expedition 2

And if you don’t want to fight opponents or your heroes do not have enough strength, there is a chance to escape before the fight and during the battle. Each turn it changes – both up and down.

The world around us has become more “alive“. Each treasure hunt is accompanied by changes on the map, starting with a simple mark and ending with the destruction of part of the territory.

There are many more traps in this game, and they are more here sophisticated… This greatly diversified the gameplay and increased audience interest.

Travelers in Paris in Curious Expedition 2

Where to Buy Curious Expedition 2

This game can only be purchased at one store – Steam.

Curious Expedition 2 system requirements

Curious Expedition 2 system requirements

The second part of “Curious expeditions” Is a decent option among indie games where you can have a great time.

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