• March 4, 2024

Best iOS emulators on Windows

Not every person has an iOS device or money to buy it. What to do when you need to somehow launch a toy or program from this system without the system itself? The answer is to use an iOS emulator on your PC. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at as many as seven iOS emulators for Windows.

iPadian 2

Why don’t we start the list with iPadian 2, the most popular iOS emulator. With this emulator, users can access the tenth and eleventh versions of iOS. It is worth noting that some of the emulators on this list are primarily intended for use by application developers, but iPadian 2 is designed for the most common users who want to access the programs and games they need from iOS.

Another rather interesting feature of iPadian 2 is that it completely mimics iOS, which means that you can easily register your Apple ID and start using Apple services without having a branded device. This also means, among other things, that you have access to the App Store. It is worth noting that the applications installed from the store through the emulator will also be displayed on your computer, and if you want to run them, the emulator will open.


  • full imitation of iOS 10 and iOS 11 operating systems;
  • it is possible to install OTA updates for the system;


  • not all applications are available for launching and working through the emulator;
  • high consumption of system resources when the emulator is running;
  • knowledge of English is required.

Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator is a fairly compact program that can emulate the operating systems iOS 8 and iOS 9. It should be noted right away that the program is distributed free of charge, so absolutely any interested user can try it out. Air iPhone emulator is definitely for you if you want to get the most authentic experience from using iOS, as the interface of this program mimics a real iPhone.

The pretty cool features of this emulator include support for real voice calls for instant messenger applications, the ability to create contacts linked to iCloud, as well as the presence of controls that are present on a real iPhone, i.e. various tapes, swipes and curtains.

Unfortunately, as with the previous emulator on this list, not every application from the App Store can be launched on the Air iPhone Emulator. Developers need to personally rewrite the code of applications already released for the system so that they can interact with Windows. However, you will have access to the most popular applications on this platform.


  • user interface in the form of iPhone, which greatly simplifies use;
  • absolutely free program;
  • presence of authentic control using gestures familiar on a smartphone.


  • again, only those applications from the App Store that were rewritten by the developers to work on Windows will work on the emulator;
  • there is no way to work with operating systems iOS 10 and iOS 11;
  • there is no Russian localization.

Xamarin TestFlight

The Xamarin TestFlight emulator is primarily intended for iOS software developers. If you are a regular user who just wants to access a particular program on this platform, then you should definitely pay attention to the other emulators on the list.

Perhaps the main feature of Xamarin TestFlight is the ability to test the developed program in real time: you can literally develop your application, and then instantly go to the emulated smartphone and check the things you need. Few software can do this.

Among other things, do not forget that Xamarin TestFlight is constantly supported by its developer, i.e. periodically updates and fixes are released for the program. Also, you will definitely be pleased that Xamarin TestFlight is made entirely in Russian.


  • no paid features, components, or advertisements;
  • the presence of the Russian language;
  • among the functions you will also find access to the App Store;
  • the latest iOS firmware is supported.


  • designed for software developers;
  • paid software;
  • Xamarin TestFlight can be several gigabytes in weight, so it definitely isn’t compact.


If you just want to familiarize yourself with the standard functionality of the iOS operating system and its user interface, then the Appetize.IO emulator is definitely suitable for you, which does not even need to be installed on your PC, as it is an online service. Unfortunately, given the nature of Appetize.IO, you will not be able to install third-party software and only work with standard applications and functions.


  • the emulator does not need to be installed on a computer;
  • accurate transfer of the interface and functionality of the iOS operating system;
  • users can embed Appetize.IO into their web resources or application software.


  • no Russian localization;
  • no access to the App Store;
  • all your actions in the Appetize.IO service are not recorded or saved in any way.


SmartFace is another good development environment for the iOS operating system. The most remarkable feature of SmartFace is that the user can emulate not only the iPhone, but also the iPad. There is a paid and free version of the program. By using the free version, you will receive limited functionality, the presence of ads and the inability to use custom libraries. If you are an ordinary user who wants to see what iOS is, then you can completely safely use the free version of the program.


  • quite easy-to-use user interface;
  • among the functions there is a hot key for calling the program window;
  • the presence of Russian localization for the emulator;
  • SmartFace is capable of working with the latest iOS versions.


  • there is no possibility to install third-party software;
  • a huge amount of RAM must be allocated for SmartFace;
  • unfortunately, the free version of the program has a thirty-day trial period.

MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is the latest and perhaps the simplest of all iOS development environments on this list. The main advantage is the extremely fast installation on Windows. Among other things, you will appreciate the fact that MobiOne Studio is distributed free of charge.

The interface is partially similar to the Air iPhone Emulator: when you open MobiOne Studio, you will see a window with tools on the left and right sides, and the iPhone image in the center. Unfortunately, there is only support for iOS 8 and the developer stopped supporting the project long ago, so there is no need to wait for updates.


  • incredibly simple interface;
  • consumes extremely few system resources during operation;
  • MobiOne Studio is quite compact and takes up little disk space;
  • despite only supporting iOS 8, you can access almost all windows and functions of this version of the OS.


  • the developer has officially stopped supporting the project and he no longer receives updates;
  • MobiOne Studio user interface is in English only;
  • there is no possibility to install applications from the App Store;

iPhone Simple Emulator

And we have reached the end of our list. iPhone Simple Emulator is one of the most basic emulators in this article. If you decide to use this program, then know that you will have at your disposal extremely limited functionality of the operating system iOS 7. Yes, that’s right, only the seventh iteration of this OS is available. Surprisingly, through the iPhone Simple Emulator, you can interact with the App Store and even install programs from there. Among other things, you can use a browser.


  • quite stylish design, made in the form of an iPhone;
  • the emulator consumes extremely few system resources and takes up little disk space;
  • many applications can be installed.


  • there is no Russian localization;
  • only iOS 7 is available for emulation;
  • you won’t be able to open the settings.


Unfortunately, on the Internet, you can find only a few emulators that can fully emulate a particular iOS operating system. Also disappointing is the fact that on these emulators you can’t just grab, go to the store and download the app you want. Let’s take a look at the Android OS emulators – the situation there is completely different.

So, if you want to use an iOS emulator specifically for applications, then iPadian 2, Air iPhone, iPhone Simple Emulator is your choice. For software developers, all other development environments on this list. Yes, through them you can also get acquainted with the interface and functions of iOS, but if you only need this, use the Appetize.IO online service.

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