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best mods – how to download and install mods

The fifth part of the franchise about great car thieves has long been inscribed in history of the gaming industry… Three generations of consoles, many years of online support from developers and a fanatic enthusiasm for creating single-user modifications are just a few of the reasons why the project is still afloat and does not plan to give up its positions. We will talk about the last factor in more detail in this article.

GTA 5 - TOP-10 mods

Thanks to the efforts of users, the world of Grand Theft Auto V has changed beyond recognition countless times. Over the past 8 years since the release of the original game, many graphical, plot and gameplay improvements have been released, the most popular of which have made it into this collection. Present to your attention, TOP 10 best mods for GTA 5

Note: Due to recent changes in Rockstar Games’ custom mod policy, some projects have been closed and have become unsafe for players to use, even in Story Mode. The risk of getting a permanent ban in GTA: Online always remains. Remember this!

Bank robbery

GTA 5 - masked clown

The appearance of full-fledged robberies in GTA: Online could not but delight the fans of the series. When such an opportunity appeared in the single player campaign of the game thanks to the efforts of the modder under the nickname FelixTheBlackCat, there were even more satisfied players. From now on, any bank in Los Santos can be robbed and hit a good jackpot: the total amount of loot varies from 20.000 $ to 20.000.000 $… Depending on the scale of the operation, the novice robber will receive a certain amount wanted stars and will be forced to go on the run.

Ability to clean ATM machines and carry away by 500-11.000 $ brings additional variety to the life of hijackers and removes the need to worry about the cache forever.

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LSPD Rapid Response Service


With this mod, the seasoned bandits from GTA have a chance for rehabilitation in the eyes of society. Becoming an LSPD employee, the player can still participate in shootouts and chases, but already on the side of the law. Planned raids on drug dealers’ warehouses, dynamic detentions and arbitrary arrests of civilians bring just as much fun as senseless chaos, which players love to arrange.

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Iron man

GTA 5 - iron man

Deciding that sunny Los Santos simply needs a local genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist, a modder from Brazil added to GTA 5 smart tony stark suit and equipped it with the latest technology. Player made real Iron man, can fly around the city at incredible speed and wreak havoc with built-in machine guns, a pulse cannon and a laser beam. It is unlikely that the locals will be delighted with the neighborhood with such a “hero”.

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Fantastic cars

GTA 5 - DeLorean

It was only a matter of time before vehicles from popular movies and TV series would appear in Grand Theft Auto 5. Mod created by a passionate fan under the nickname Israelsr, allows players to try out the Speeder, the Tie Fighter, the X-Wing from the Star Wars universe, the pedal-powered car from the Flintstows, and the legendary DeLorean from “Back to the Future” and others. Unfortunately, the “Millennium Falcon” is not yet available, but this does not prevent you from looking at the usual game from a different angle.

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Vice City in GTA 5

GTA 5 - Vice City

If developers are in no hurry to make long-held dreams of fans come true, modders come to the rescue. Thanks to Lunchxblex bright and cheerful world of Vice City located next door with Los Santos and became a kind of time machine in the 80s. With its own random events and an unforgettable gaming experience. Players have almost lost hope that Rockstar will heed their pleas and do something similar for GTA: Online on an official basis.

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GTA 5 - Prison

Most often, local policemen manage to calm down the raging players solely with the help of weapons. However, sometimes they can be arrested. Modder Marhex developed the idea of ​​imprisonment and invited everyone to experience the hardships of imprisonment on their own skin. If desired, the prisoner can always pay off, otherwise he will be fascinated pastime in the colony with other prisoners and a lot of free time to think over an escape plan. Arrange a mutiny only a real leader can do it.

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GTA 5 - explosion

A truly explosive way to make a mark on Los Santos history. Any car that is close to the player’s car fly up into the air… It is difficult to imagine what chaos will begin on the freeway when the main character decides to rush with the wind in the oncoming lane in his brand new car. But there are also pluses. No more police car will not be able to block take your way and block your escape routes.

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Interior interiors


There is no player who would not dream of entering in childhood to any building you like in GTA… With this mod, such an opportunity appeared. NewTheft did his best by recreating the multi-level interiors of a huge number of buildings and adding a number of gameplay mechanics (for example, working elevators, mini-robberies, etc.). Locations available for visiting are marked on the map special labels

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Mobile radio

GTA 5 - radio selector

With mod from XMOD in Los Santos, truly advanced technology appeared. By adding the main character to the phone radio function, the modder allowed players to enjoy their favorite songs in unlimited quantities without being tied to a car. Significant increase to atmosphere of the game, which lacked background ambient during leisurely walks in the city or bike tours in Chiliad.

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Hook from Just Cause

"Just Cause 2 Grappling hook mod [Крюк из Just Cause 2 в GTA 5]

What are ordinary rocket launchers or miniguns for, if there is entertainment at all another level… With the mod for the notorious hook, the player gets at his disposal the ability to quickly move between buildings, access to all roofs and hijacking helicopters right in the air. And these are completely different impressions of the bored gameplay of the game.

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How to install mods

To install, it is enough to have a spare copy of the game and several additional programs that provide correct work the mod itself. Among them:

  • ScripthookV;
  • OpenIV;
  • ScriptHookVDotNet;
  • Rage Plugin Hook.

You can find modifications from this TOP, as well as any other improvements for the game, on third-party sites. gta5-mods is one of the more popular. Detailed instructions and installation tips can be found on the mod’s page.

Let us know in the comments if you had to entertain yourself with mods in Grand Theft Auto 5, and which ones you installed. Or did you have enough of the online mode?

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