• May 22, 2024

Best online games you must try in 2021

Taking a break from playing some of the best online games is a great way to get out of the world for a while. So, we have provided you with a list of the best online games that you can play to take a break from your everyday life. Plus, all the games listed are free, so you don’t have to pay anything to have fun. So here is the list of the best online games that you can play on your smartphone.

1. WonderPutt

best online games

Wonderputt is the best online game available on the web. Basically it’s a mini golf game where you just have to score points by completing different levels. The sense of design in the Wonderputt makes playing fun. Similar to an arcade game, the game focuses on adding more and more levels to their game. The controls are also simple: just hold your finger on the ball and then adjust it back to rotate the ball. In short, Wonderputt is one of the best online games that you have to play on your phone or tablet.

2. Game of Bombs

best online games

Game of Bombs is one of the best online games where you have to face and kill other players in 16 minutes. Besides, you can solve the puzzles to get bonuses in order to defeat the other players who follow you in the chat. There are three modes available in this game, such as player vs monster, team play, and caffeine. Additionally, you can customize your character with the points you’ve earned by killing other players. In short, this is the best online game that anyone can play for free just by going to the game’s homepage.

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3. Polycraft

best online games

Polycraft is an online role-playing game that ambitiously combines character action and strategy. It is developed by the teams behind Black and White 2 and Fable 2. In this game you just have to defend your tower against other players and at the same time you have to build your dream island. Additionally, players can control their characters directly with an ability to build towers, walls, and gathering resources. In short, Polycraft is a great online game that can be played online right from your browser.

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4. Tanki online

Do you like tank war games? If so, then Tanki Online is the best choice for you. It’s a bit like an actualized earthquake, in which your main objective is to destroy as many other tanks as possible. Basically you are both the shooter and the tank pilot in this game and you have to fight with living people. Tanki Online also offers a 3D mode, but for this you need to upgrade your tank using the coins you have collected. There are different modes available in this game such as Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. In short, we can say that if you are a lover of online games then you must try this one as well.

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5. Superhot: online games

Superhot is one of the best online games where you have to kill your enemies to score as many points as possible. Basically in this game you have to act like a shooter and shoot the enemies that will come in your way. you have to develop certain strategies to complete different levels. Besides, you can collect bonuses to increase your score. Superhot is the best online game that combines turn-based strategy mechanics with a unique and fun browser-based experience.

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Conclusion: online games

That’s all! Above are the best online games you need to play to get out of the world for a while. Hope this article has helped you find the best online game you are looking for. If you have another online game that deserves our list, please feel free to reach out to us through the comments section below.

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