• December 1, 2023

Best PC Games 2019 for Integrated Graphics

Thousands of various games have been released on computers, but it is impossible to run them without a discrete graphics card from NVIDIA or Radeon. Even those projects that can be launched will slow down and freeze. In fact, in games, graphics are not the main thing. There are decent applications with a simple picture, but a fascinating plot and amazing gameplay. We bring to your attention the TOP of the best games for laptops in power saving mode and budget computers.

The order in the list is not important, because all games are different and practically do not compete with each other. They are united only by the ability to run in low-power systems and on laptops.

SteamWorld Quest

The SteamWorld series is a diverse and extraordinary game that combines features of several genres at once. The unconventional approach to classic RPGs has caught the fancy of thousands of fans and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

SteamWorld Quest is a turn-based strategy RPG in a unique 2D steampunk style. The graphics, although simple, are beautiful, stable and look great on a 4k screen. Battles with mechanisms are not so simple, they require the correct collection of a deck of bonuses, spells, although the game is not a card game. This approach allows you to intuitively customize your own fighters. The project is a bit like the RPG veterans, but it’s worth trying for new players as well.

Steam link


This is a strategy game with a wide coverage of time: from the beginning of the earth’s existence to the current realities. It takes the classic branch of development as a basis, something similar has already been shown in Fire Emblem and Shining Force. Everything takes place in a fantasy land with bright and fun graphics. The turn-based strategy only visually resembles a child’s game, in fact, intense battles, cool 2D animation and complex tactical control experience await inside. If there is no desire to delve into a fantastic and long company, using the arcade mode, you can immediately go into battle.

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This is a love letter to 16-bit platformers. Horace showcases classic fiction, the nature of artificial intelligence, and illustrates old TV shows. The game will present a fascinating journey into history in the shell of long and difficult 2D levels. In terms of the complexity of the passage, it is not inferior to Super Meat Boy. There are also built-in mini-games in the style of classic arcades. An excellent balance between touching, funny story and platform complexity, it can rival Dark Souls. It is just as rich and interesting here. Only those who are not ready to put up with 16-bit graphics should skip the game.

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This is a whole series of sandbox games where construction is tightly intertwined with survival. The game offers both a creative mode, where you can embody any architectural idea, and a survival option. Every night the world is filled with terrible monsters, protecting from them is the main task of the player. Hundreds of weapons, resources, building items, and a wide variety of activities make Minecraft the perfect getaway for kids and adults alike. At the same time, even a simple laptop can satisfy the minimum system requirements.

Link to the official website

Untitled Goose Game

The main role in the game is played by an ordinary goose. His only task is to make the life of the provincial people unbearable. The game has already gained popularity on social networks, all because of the nice shell and interesting puzzles. Let the graphics do not bother you, inside you will have to solve easy, but interesting puzzles and apply tricks. The pleasant style of the English countryside, pastel colors of the picture and a dynamic soundtrack only add to the drama of the bird’s antics. There is not a huge amount of content inside, but this does not negate the interest in the game in an unusual style.

Link to Epic Games

Streets of Rogue

The name can be misleading, the reader might imagine a fighting game or dynamically generated streets with enemies. It is actually a sandbox shooter that can also be ranked among action RPGs and multiplayer brawls with an insane gaming experience. The open map and fast-paced game world are hidden behind a pixelated picture. The graphics are slightly different from Minecraft, inside are simple visual effects and a deep study of the world. Those who wish to play a game that reveals interesting secrets in a few months should follow the link below.

Steam link

Sayonara Wild Hearts

This is a memory of simple yet mind-blowing games like Rez. The main point is a motorcycle ride with a pleasant soundtrack. The abundance of visuals combined with simple yet dynamic gameplay is impressive from a positive point of view. A great game for those who do not want to think a lot, but prefer to relax, enjoy a unique design and succumb to the competitive spirit. Although simple here, it is still three-dimensional graphics, which may not work on very old computers. However, all entry-level laptops from 2017 support Sayonara Wild Hearts.

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Disco Elysium

This is a kind of detective game, successfully combined with a philosophical adventure plot and a well-developed RPG system. Perhaps the description seems incomprehensible, as it is. The bottom line is that the mysterious assassin uses characters and stories to their advantage. However, deep and unconventional RPG elements are clearly not suitable for everyone, it is better to watch the trailers and read the comments before buying. Those who can stomach his innovative approach to gameplay will appreciate Disco Elysium. It can be difficult for older computers to handle 3D graphics, but the need for high frame rates and responsiveness is still not needed.

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Imperator: Rome

If the previously mentioned Wargroove project feels like a fairly straightforward strategy, Imperator: Rome is your best bet. The game offers a deep dive into the formation of the great Roman Empire. What I especially liked was the historical accuracy of events, insane detail and a lot of player’s possibilities for managing resources, buildings, tactics and politics during the conquest of the ancient world.

During the gameplay, you will have to face hundreds of real nations and tribes that lived in Europe, Asia and Africa. A huge map with high detail is the advantage of the project over others. But playing with a mouse and keyboard is not as convenient as with a gamepad. The game appeared only in early 2019, but has already received several major updates that have made it a must-have for hardcore strategy fans.

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Ion fury

Players with a passion for new gaming experiences, deep stories, and character detail will love Ion Fury. The true description is that the game returns to the 90s first-person shooters with ruthless, ridiculous and difficult gameplay. Feels like a modified version of Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem 3D, and the project is built on the same engine. In addition to super-fast movements and an abundance of weapons, even smartwatches could handle her simple graphics. Let the old engine not be confused, the voice acting and the implementation of the game are pleasantly impressive.

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John Wick Hex

Another follower of the trend of merciless first-person shooters, but with a bias towards an isometric turn-based plane with a top view. The player will have to guide Mr. Wick through numerous levels, removing crowds of bad guys along the way. The focus is not on the grinder, but on tactics, patience and precision. It is important to accurately aim at a part of the body, both with the help of weapons and hand-to-hand combat. It is very difficult to deal with opponents at full speed. The game gives the feeling of the most experienced assassin in the world. This kind of pleasure will appeal to all fans of action movies and strategic battles.

Link to Epic Games

Best Game: Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Blizzard’s slightly simplified free-to-play card game isn’t new at all, but it comes with a new mode in 2019. It slightly resembles the popular “automatic chess” mode. It can easily be named the best turn-based card game for up to 8 players. Many players will love creating giant creatures and how quickly things can change on the battlefield. The best feature of the app is that it doesn’t require years of card assembly or financial investment in Hearthstone to be competitive. Recommended for anyone looking for an intriguing balance between strategy and randomness.

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