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best places (spots) for farming legendary and epic items

This guide is for all players who need to get the best items that match their current level.


In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best Legendary farming spots in Outriders.

Overview of legendary weapons and all armor sets.

First City: Chests and Resources

The first city is a location for early farming of epics and leveling up the world. It is necessary to cross to the other side of the river, and when the story point is unlocked, the best location at the beginning of the game will open for farming and increasing the experience of the world level in Outriders. IN First city a lot of perforations, three chests and other types of resources, so farming will not take a lot of effort.

The level of the world increases as the player exterminates enemies, and decreases when he dies. At the location you will have to face swarms, and the best way to deal with them without dying is use a shotgun or machine gun… Epics will continue to drop as the world level rises.

There are three chests in the First City:

The first is in the corner to the right of the player’s spawn point.

First chest

The second – in the fenced area after the extermination of the congestion of perforo mobs.

Second chest

The third and last one is behind the fenced off part, which will collapse after defeating the alpha-perforo and other mobs next to it.

Third chest

In case the need for resources arises, the First City has three points of iron deposits: two – at the end near the bridge itself, the third – at the back left next to the poisonous perforation.

Empty Pass and the Call of Nature side quest

You can start the quest using the radio in the camp, but before that the player must open the way to the forest zone. Departures are possible, if you first take the quest and only then open the path. In this case, there is a solution: instead of running the door, just walk up to it (add a key for walking in the settings menu).

At the place of the quest, the player will see a lumberjack who has fallen into a trap. After exterminating the first wave of perforo and activating the generator, a second wave of mobs will appear. Four alpha perforos are guaranteed to drop high level items, the rest of the mobs can also drop decent loot.

Trapped Forester

When all the perforos are defeated, you need to talk to the lumberjack to collect the reward. “Call of nature” can be repeated by activating the radio again in the camp.

Dunes: farm items from the Commander

First you need to find a light source in the Dunes – for this, the level of the world must be the highest, it is better to take an automatic shotgun with you. Commander – the enemy is strong, so you need a lot of ammunition.

The Commander is guaranteed to drop rare items, epics and, with the proper level of luck, legendaries. In addition, you will receive 4-8 units of titanium for mobs. In the settings, you can enable the function auto-picking loot and choose the rarity of the items – if the player’s character dies, all the loot will automatically be transferred to the inventory, the skills will be restored, and the Commander can be defeated again. From the lobby, you can choose Dunes as a starting point and return there as many times as you like with restored skills.

For frequent losses, bosses or mobs have to sacrifice world level experience. Go to a lower level or go hunting immediately after the lvl up, when the points have not yet accumulated.

Farm bosses

The Outriders campaign has seven bosses to fight. Of all, only Fire Akari and Chrysaloid will give decent loot.

Guide to all the bosses in Outriders

Eagle Peaks: Explore the Peak of a Volcano

Fire Akari often drops titanium – about 20 pieces, even if the world level is first. The difficulty of the boss fight is compensated by a large amount of experience and loot, and although with each next run, fight with Akari more and more difficult, it is desirable to farm it. The downside of this farming method is that the desired high-level equipment may drop a little later than the difficulty of the current world level requires.

Forest Enclave: Hunt Chrysaloid


FROM Chrysaloid Epics are guaranteed to drop even at the lowest level of the world. The boss fight is divided into two phases: in the first it is necessary to split the shell, in the second – to attack the insides, using a sniper rifle for convenience. After the victory, cut-scenes will begin, which cannot be missed, you must press Esc – after that the player will return to the lobby.

Hunt monsters and find rewards

Another way to get epic or legendary gear is through side quests with hunting and special locations with rewards.

  • Monster Hunt – paw icon on the map. At this point, the player must interact with a bunch of bonesto start the quest.
  • Search for rewards – crosshair icon. Quest starts after activation wanted leaflets

How to hunt monsters in Outriders

After interacting with the pile of bones, an area will appear on the map through which it will be possible to go to the boss of the hunt. In some cases, you will need to eliminate mobs before destroying the barricade, in others, you will first eliminate opponents so that the boss appears.

One of the monsters of the hunt - Coldclaw

The best boss in terms of fast farming is wendigo… At its location, you can run past all the clusters of mobs to the final platform, where the boss appears.

Monster hunt ended randomly. What to do?

If the player has completed all the hunting tasks at Noah Dembel in the Trench City, the quest cannot be restarted. In this case, you can join another player who has not yet finished hunting for monsters, complete the orders again and talk to Noah.

How to farm Wanted rewards in Outriders

Technically, this is not really a farm – a defeated target does not drop loot, loot needs to be taken in Trench City by NPC Ujio… The most important targets are the elite, marked with skull icons, at the higher levels of the world for them you can get epic and legendary rewards. Here you can use the same tactics as when hunting monsters – exterminate only the elite and allow other mobs to eliminate the player’s character in order to start the race again.

In our walkthrough of additional tasks you can find complete information on wanted and hunting at Outriders. We also recommend reading the Expeditions guide, we understand in detail the high-end content in the game.

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