• November 29, 2023

Best Remaster of 2020 – Mafia: Definitive Edition

Winner of the annual international exhibition of computer games Gamescom Awards 2020… In recent years, it has become popular to make remakes of games that have long been released and in some ways even cult series of games. For example, Mass Effect or Age of Empires.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

At Gamescom 2020, for the first time, a remake of the first part of the game from the rather famous Mafia series was presented in sufficient detail – Mafia: Definitive Edition… Not surprisingly, it was he who received the award.

Mafia: Definitive Edition Official Trailer (with Russian subtitles)

Mafia: Definitive Edition Review

Release date: September 25, 2020.

The developer of the iconic Mafia Hangar 13 series is releasing a remake of the first part, moreover, recreated from scratch. According to the plot, the main character – Tommy Angelo, a taxi driver, who one day was “lucky” to serve two men and immediately get into a firefight. After helping the mafiosi (Paulie and Sam), Tommy becomes a member of the Salieri gang. From that moment on, he begins his journey in the mafia world during Prohibition in America.

This game stands out very meticulous reconstruction of the city of Illinois 30s of the XX century, expressed in culture, cars and architecture. Also, this remake differs from the original by the introduction of several game mechanics, among which – the ability to take cover… This is due to the use of a modified engine of the third part of the Mafia, released in 2016.

Thomas Angelo in Mafia: Definitive Edition

This version of the game offers an extended storyline that reveals additional details and original soundtrackfor which the Mafia has always been famous. The graphics have been greatly improved.

The faces of the characters deserve special praise – use of 3D motion capture technologies allowed to make them extremely realistic. The sound is also well implemented, which helps to delve deeper into the game world.

Where to Buy Mafia: Definitive Edition

You can purchase this remake of the great game on the digital Steam store.

Mafia: Definitive Edition system requirements

System requirements for Mafia: Definitive Edition

A worthy remake of the cult game, Mafia: Definitive Edition ready to give only pleasant impressions and a sense of nostalgia.

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