• September 24, 2023

Best Strategy 2020 – Humankind

Winner of the annual international exhibition of computer games Gamescom Awards 2020… Strategies are quite an interesting genre for players. The ability to develop civilization in exactly the way the player wants, allows you to create unique game situations.

HumankindAmong all strategies this year, the best was named Humankind, which will be discussed below.

Humankind Official Trailer

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Humankind Review

Release date: 2021.

This 4X strategy is one of the most interesting games of this exhibition. This is largely due to the graphics, but another interesting feature is the ability to manage your own state down to the smallest detail.

Amplitude Studios propose to go through several stages of human development, determining independently expansion level, culture, technology development, and military force your state.

Generally, Humankind something close to Endless legend – another project from the same developer. Interestingly, unlike many games from this list of laureates, this project was built on an engine available to all called Unity

An example of a map in Humankind

The interface of this game is not overloaded and, moreover, it is considered user-friendly (user-oriented). The soundtrack also pleases with its quality.

Unlike other strategy games with shooter and RPG elements, Humankind makes it impossible to get a prize in different ways. Instead, there is only one path to victory. All you need to do is collect as many Fame Points as possible before the game closes.

Where to buy Humankind

You can purchase this 4X strategy on the Steam website.

System requirements for Humankind

System requirements for Humankind4X strategy Humankind – a game for those who are already familiar with the RTS genre, as well as with major projects such as Civilisations, Age of Empires. but convenience of the interface and clear hints make the entry threshold lower for beginners.

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