• December 1, 2023

Best Xbox Game of 2020 – Tell Me Why

Winner of the annual international exhibition of computer games Gamescom Awards 2020… There are some decent Adventure projects this year that would be fun to play. But the winner was still found – a new one Tell me why from the French company Dontnod, which will be discussed below.

Tell me why

Tell Me Why Official Trailer

Tell Me Why Review

Release date: August 27, 2020.

Tell me why – a new game from the well-known French developer Dontnod (famous for such projects as Remember Me and Vampyr). In terms of plot and gameplay, Tell Me Why is closer to his most successful project – Life is Strange

The main characters are the Ronan twins – Tyler and Alison… They stand out among others for the presence of a mysterious spiritual connection with each other. With her help, the heroes will try to find out everything related to their childhood, because it was at this time that events occurred that influenced the fate of Tyler and their mother. To do this, they go to Alaska, where their home is located.

On the way to finding out the truth, the twins will go through many trials and obstacles. Every action taken by the player will be reflected in the further passage of the story… The outcome of the entire game will show how strong the bond between Tyler and Alison is, and will also give an idea of ​​what the future of these two characters is.

Exploring Memories in Tell Me Why

Plot served in parts, as with any episodic game. This allows you to better understand the story of the twin heroes.

A separate feature of the project is Tyler’s orientation – he transgender… This led to the fact that Tell Me Why stopped selling in a number of countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, UAE, Turkey, China and others. The reason for this was the position of these states regarding LGBT community.

The lack of sales in Russia has led to the fact that there is no localization into Russian. Text and sound remain in English.

Where to Buy Tell Me Why

You can purchase this game on Steam (PC) or the Xbox App Store.

System Requirements For Tell Me Why

System Requirements For Tell Me Why

This game is a development of quite successful Life is Strange, only in a different “cover”. Popular themes, successful gameplay mechanics – Dontnod company developed a really high-quality project.

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