• October 1, 2022

Better collectible tanks in World of Tanks

The best technique for silver, does not require pumping and at the same time is great for bending over in random.

Top 5 collectible tanks in World of Tanks in 2021

Greetings tankers! With you Wotpack and we present our top of the best collectible vehicles in World of Tanks. They decided to write this article, since the developers for the first time made discounts on this type of equipment as part of Operation Bagration.Operation Bagration

5th place


Top German tank destroyer opens Jagdpanzer 38

4th place

Pz.Kpfw.  I Ausf.  C

Another representative of Germany – a light tank Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C, nicknamed the “cockroach” in the random house (although the Soviet T-54 was also called that once). “Pazik” has excellent mobility, the maximum 79 km / h is gaining fast, therefore it is one of the fastest tanks in the game. Its peculiarity is an awesome drum, which, even after the HP increase for low-level vehicles, is still a formidable weapon.

If he does not take the enemy from one cassette, then from the second run it is so sure.

3rd place


What is the top without “ten”, so among the available options included a Chinese heavy tank 113… He has good dynamics and good frontal armor, so he will always have time to reach the place of the main battles in time and even tank something. The weapon is not ideal, but powerful enough, only inconvenience is caused by the declination angle of -7 °.

In the realities of modern randomness, he is able to keep up, survive and shoot damage.

T-62A is simply outdated now, and AMX 30b too “not for everyone.”

2nd place

Jagdpanther II

I could not help but turn on another German tank destroyer, so you cannot remain indifferent to it, if you once pumped – Jagdpanther II… On the way to the Yaga E100, this is the last car with excellent mobility, which allows you to get out of the light in time or take an advantageous position. An excellent tool in all respects will not disappoint anyone (if you do not take into account FBG with plus / minus 25%, but no one is immune from this).

With competent play, he can confidently stand in positioning, tanking with a strong wheelhouse.

1st place


Probably, you will not surprise the veterans of the game, because many at one time passed this car – the American T67 tank destroyer.

Even after being nerfed in patch 1.9, she is still one of the best cars at level 5.

Excellent acceleration dynamics allows you to take the best positions for shooting damage, and the rotating turret makes it possible to combine a stereo tube and a camouflage net. In this situation, it becomes an imba shooting bush, because it can light up anyone, and it is extremely difficult to detect it (high stealth rate).

This is how the TOP of collectible tanks turned out. Write in the comments what they agree with, and who would be replaced by their favorites.

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