• December 1, 2023

❗️Beware of scammers in World of Tanks for the quarantine period❗️

We show new schemes and fake sites in order to lure real money and account data from players.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack is with you, and today we have a not entirely tank topic related directly to WoT. Taking advantage of the fact that now many people are sitting at home, fraudsters have become more active. The topic was raised on WotExpress, we will continue and supplement it in order to notify more players. Next, we will show the schemes and sites on which CATEGORALLY IMPOSSIBLE:

  1. Make payments.
  2. Enter personal account information.

To keep you informed, we will write the names, but without links. Is always READ CAREFULLY the address of the site to which they went:

Now let’s move on to the resources of the scammers.

Many players know about the PrizeBox monthly bonus site. The scammers have created an adaptation of it, a link to their website is sent in the game in private messages. The first site is correct, but on the second shop.wargaming2020.net (do not go over!) offer to log in and enter personal data for your Wargaming game account:

The following site is spammed in the game in the general chat wgshop.xyz Visually, the site is designed in the official style of World of Tanks. They offer to stock up at low prices with premium tanks, gold, and a premium account. Moreover, they do not hesitate to sell even equipment for the Global Kata, for the Front Line (which have never been on sale for real money and will not) and even the Type 59 Gold. All this is a scam for money.

The third method is the most sophisticated and over the past few days, dozens of players have become its victims, they tried to arrange everything wonderfully well. Site advertisements are found in official Vkontakte ads. it regular advertising banner, which is offered to users of tank communities in the feed:

From there you get to the site burgerkingruscom which immediately offer a 90% discount when filling out a coupon.

At the same time, they managed to make a mistake in the text.

Then it throws on ru-wargaming.net/shop/wot/bunker (the site has several variants of names, it may differ, so pay attention to the screenshot from there):

The site is practically a copy of the official WG store. Discounts for all goods in the “Quarantine zone” are 90% and there are just a few offers at the maximum price. In doing so, please note that the payment takes place WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION, i.e. it was initially clear that money will go anywhere, but not to your game account… In this case, if you try to click on other tabs, “enter” or “create an account”, then the following window is displayed:

Be careful! No one takes responsibility for the actions of fraudsters, only account security is in your hands.

therefore carefully look at the address of suspicious linksIn the article, all text links lead to fraudulent sites, so once again we remind you not to go.

And finally, another type of fraud that appeared after the official news of the amnesty for cheaters. Players are offered PAY A FINE gold / money to unban the account. Therefore, we remind that Wargaming does not accept any payment for removing the ban (it is either temporary or permanent).

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