• September 24, 2023

Black market in WoT 2020: dispelling rumors, only facts

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Greetings, tankers! Only the lazy has not yet written an article or released a video about the “Black Market” in 2020. Suddenly, everyone had trusted insiders from the VG, who merge lists of equipment (who of us have not yet seen alerts in the feed like “Prepare silver, sell imbu”) and also name various dates for the start of the event.

When will the Black Market be?

The network called different dates for the start of the “Black Market”, starting in January (some decided to tie it to the New Year’s offensive, of course, for the sake of cheating viewers / readers).

One example of stuffing false information

The official launch date for Black Market 2.0 is February 5. The first lot will be released in the evening at 19.00. The Black Market will last for 7 days. There will be 2 lots daily: in the morning at 7.00 and in the evening at 19.00. That is, everything is the same as last time.

What equipment will be on the Black Market?

Let’s start with the fact that Wargaming was officially introduced to us. For the first time, we learned about the Black Market in 2020 from the video dedicated to the “veteran program”. The developers love to leave Easter eggs and at the end of the video we could see our longtime acquaintance – the man in black.

Did you notice that at the end of the video he came back and took the ball that was on the table at the beginning of the video?

The tank hidden there is difficult to see due to the blizzard, it caused a lot of discussions on the network. Still, most tank experts agreed that this was the Soviet ST T-62M.

It was already spotted by the developers before the WG Fest, then some thought that it would go to the rewards for the Global Map, but it was hidden in the bins. In general, the developers have a lot of Tier 9 and 10 tanks ready, which are just waiting for their time. It is quite possible that this year we will see some of them in the Czech Republic.

The “black” IS-6 and T34 tanks will definitely return, and now the Schwarzpanzer 58 CT (this is the same Panzer 58 Mutz) will be added to them.

Regarding Waffenträger auf E 100 or, more simply, “Waffles” on which unscrupulous bloggers have been hyping for the second year already, who are even ready to promise a golden waffle on wheels with two guns for views, it is very unlikely that it will be added.

In even hands, she used to be imba, but they took her out just because of the complete non-historical correspondence. Yes, we all know that “historicity” is a relative concept in our game, but it was “Waffle 100” that was invented exclusively by the game developers.

What will be the price of the equipment on the Black Market?

There was no new information on this issue, so when farming we will be based on last year’s value in silver:

  • Light Prem Tank Tier 8 5,000,000;
  • Tier 8 heavy premium tanks 8,500,000 – 9,000,000 each
  • Promotional tanks of level 10 each 23,000,000-25,000,000

The price of tanks for gold already depends on which copies are added this time. Most likely there will be styles from boxes of 3,500 gold again.

Results of the last year in technology:


The first lot was the Swedish medium premium tank Lansen for 8,500,000 credits.

Black Market betting system

This time, a new feature will be added – bets. It applies only to some lots. The principle of operation is as follows: there is an initial amount of 3,000,000, each player is free to make his own bid (above the minimum) and 40,000 participants in the auction with the maximum bid will receive the coveted premium tank.note that the difference between the minimum winning bet and yours WILL NOT BE COMPENSATED… That is, if you bet 15,000,000, and someone won the tank for 11,800,000, you get an overpayment, but that way you have more chances to win the lot. Therefore, players with silver reserves have a clear advantage.

Black Market Auction Rules 2020

  1. Deeds rate (credits / gold are debited from the account).
  2. Bets are accepted within 8 hours (during this time, you can change the amount as many times as you like).
  3. After 8 hours, the winners are calculated. The highest bets (for which there was enough equipment) win, and those that have not passed are returned.

How much to bid on the Black Market auction?

It is impossible to say for sure here, everything depends on the proposed option. Taking into account the standard cost of lots (heavy tanks were sold for at least 8,500,000 and at the same time they were disassembled within 1-2 minutes), we recommend placing bets over 10,000,000.


In order to avoid problems with servers, as it was last year, the developers will not rush to the “Black Market” without finishing with the introduction of the New Balance. But they only play into the hands of all the hype and hype around this event, because the players will actively farm, buy imba premium tanks, silver boosts and of course a premium account. Undoubtedly, this event deserves attention, so now it is worthwhile to farm a little sulfur and not drain the gold from the boxes (unless urgently needed).

In the meantime, we are waiting for the “Black Market”, most likely a new historical PvE event will start before it, where the main reward for everyone will be the IS-2E tank. Read more about the event and the tank here.

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