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both adults and children are delighted

Incredible multi-part cartoons that amaze with their plot, elaboration of the world and characters. All viewers will like this project, and everyone will be able to find something of their own in the main characters and their friends.

TOP-10 animated series for all ages: both adults and children are delighted

Cartoons are a special kind of creativity that has no age restrictions. Of course, there are pictures that are better perceived by children, and there are those that are drawn specifically for adults. However, the real diamonds of the industry are becoming universal titlesthat can watch whole families, and everyone will find something interesting for themselves. We have collected TOP 10 animated series for adults and children with high-quality animation, a wonderful plot and great characters.


The animated series

Studio: Disney

Release date: 2019

Number of seasons: 2, episodes in production

The authors of the series “Amphibians” decided to go the other way, having prepared for their viewers not a pink-fantasy world, but universe of frogs, toads and newts, in which the girl Anne and her two friends accidentally fell: Sasha and Marcy. Despite the fact that all the characters are quite simple, the cartoon fell in love with the public and was released for the third season.

This show isn’t just about three hitters: it brings up the topic. abusive relationship among friends, talks about importance of family and the ability to adapt to the situation… He also raises the issue of forgiveness several times, which is pretty bold for a children’s series. The plot is unusual, the system of the world itself is original and non-obvious.

Steven Universe


Studio: Cartoon Network

Release date: 2013

Number of seasons: 6, TV series completed

Steven Universe hit the ground running in 2013. The series offered an interesting unusual world, which later became the basis for the eponymous anime series (filmed without the approval of the author of the original story). Stephen impressed everyone so much that even in Japan he was taken as a standard, and for a reason. The series is very colorful, with cool musical numbers and many references to world culture

The story is also quite unusual. In the world of Steven Universe there is gems – intelligent creatures from crystalline rocks, a kind of golems with soul and self-awareness. It is they who are engaged in raising the boy Stephen, whose father was a man, and his mother was a gem. In the course of the story, incredible facts about the universe are revealed, new talents of the protagonist himself and, most importantly, focuses on the power of friendship and lovewho are able to overcome all difficulties.

Star against the forces of evil

Star vs the Forces of Evil: Favorite Moments of the Series - In which episode

Studio: Disney

Release date: 2015

Number of seasons: 4, TV series completed

Star vs. the Forces of Evil is the successor to Gravity Falls. There are many similar elements both in the characters and in the structure of the world, so for those who love the story of Dipper and Mabel, the project is a must-see. However, there is original world, special philosophy and, of course, many interesting plot twists.

Star is the princess of the Kingdom of Mewni, who came to Earth and met the boy Marco there. He became her friend, she quickly felt deep sympathy for him and entrusted her story. Marco found out about magic, monsters and that now Not everything is so calm on Mewnias we would like. Soon friends join forces to put things in order in all the worlds this universe and find harmony and happiness.

Endless train

How the animated series

Studio: Cartoon Network

Release date: 2010

Number of seasons: 4, TV series completed

The Endless Train series started as a YouTube initiative and ended with the incredibly successful Cartoon Network project. The plot is based on a train that cannot be walked to the end by the usual method (moving between cars). Get here people who are confused and made many mistakes in life.

Every train car is a testand people must pass them in order to defeat themselves and correct their own mistakes. Only in this case will the train let them go back home, where they can start living from scratch… The main characters change from season to season, but the storyline remains the same.


Disney Returns DuckTales to TV Screens |  Mediasat

Studio: Disney

Release date: 2017

Number of seasons: 3, TV series completed

The series “Duck Tales” is known to many, but not everyone has heard about the 2017 restart. In fact, Disney managed to make a breakthrough and release for real worthy remake, which does not fade against the background of the old project. Of course, it is better to consider them separately from each other, there is no general plot outline here, but the final product turned out to be simply excellent.

Drawing style differs – Disney serves everything comic stylethat will appeal to the new generation of viewers. Reworked characters: they added realism and depth of characters. Series reveals the mystery of the parents’ story triplet ducklings, completely changes the images of Ponochka and Mrs. Kluvdia and also introduces new protagonists that are relevant for the 21st century.


5 interesting facts about the TV series Hilda - Trakt.tv

Studio: Silvergate Media

Release date: 2018

Number of seasons: 2, episodes in production

Hilda is a project that has managed to break through the releases of such famous studios as Disney, and get its corner in the hearts of fans. The story of a little girl who spent her whole life with her mother far from the city and now has to move outside the walls of the settlement, tells about children’s hidden fears, friendship and family warmth.

But also in the world of Hilda there are trolls, gnomes, elves and other magical creatures from folklore. The main character is friends with some of them, fights with someone, but she also has a great goal. She wants to figure out why the city is so hates local trollsand the trolls are the city. It took her two seasons, and there are many more episodes waiting for the fans ahead.

Owl House

Cartoon House of Owls watch online all series in a row in good HD 1080/720 quality

Studio: Disney

Release date: 2020

Number of seasons: 2, episodes in production

Owl House is the original American animated series about the adventures of a teenage girl Luz Nosed. The girl does not want to go to summer camp and, looking for workarounds, ends up in the magical world of the Boiling Islands… There she meets the witch Ida Kluthorn, who is the most powerful witch of this place. However, she is eaten by an owl curse, with which Luz helps Ida fight.

There are several plot lines in the series: Luz’s attempts come back homefighting oppressive orders of this world and Ida’s help in healing… The series has an interesting world with its own rules that work, elaborate characters, friendship and even a little romance.

Adventure Time

Adventure Time

Studio: Cartoon Network

Release date: 2010

Number of seasons: 10, TV series completed

An unusual avant-garde story about the boy Finn and his magical dog Jake, who survive in a non-standard post-apocalyptic world… Why non-standard? There are no crowds of zombies, problems with the collection of resources and other things. Here everything went awry, but in a slightly different perspective, which makes it much more interesting to watch what is happening.

The series has an unusual presentation, a vivid picture and interesting characters. At first, they can repel with their unusual design, but in the process, when the characters of the heroes are revealed, an unusually strong attachment to them comes. Adventure Time is a series, oddly enough about adventures, about heroes and about princesses, such a classic tale in a new way.

On the other side of the hedge

The series On the other side of the fence (USA, 2014) - Poster-TV series

Studio: Cartoon Network

Release date: 2014

Number of seasons: 1, TV series completed

On the other side of the fence is an art project in the format of a mini-series, which Cartoon Network decided to release based on the short film of the same name, to develop this direction in creativity. The series is incredibly atmospheric and avant-garde. He tells about the fate of the brothers’ friends, Wirth and Greg, who hit the world on the other side of the fence – literally climbed over the fence, but in reality ended up in another dimension

Through children’s fantasy and adventure, cartoon teaches friendship, tolerance, shows what is needed accept loved ones as they are. The plot keeps you in suspense until the last minutes and does not allow you to distract from the screen for a moment.

Gravity Falls

Quest for children

Studio: Disney

Release date: 2012

Number of seasons: 2, TV series completed

The story of the twins Dipper and Mabel, who went to their distant relative in the village of Gravity Falls for the summer, became a cult story. This series was one of the first to show that cartoons, which at first glance seem bright and completely childish, are in fact may be liked by adults

According to the plot of the series, the main characters – a sister and a brother – solve the mysteries of the town of Gravity Falls during their summer holidays. They are explore unusual creaturesmake friends and fight mysterious anomalies… At the end of the series, they have to literally save the world – and everything is presented in such a way that one wants to believe in what is happening. The series is full riddles and secrets, which are served in the screensavers and some scenes of the cartoon itself.

For all fans of cartoons, we have TOP-10 cartoons with meaning that will appeal to both adults and children. Well, if you managed to revise all the titles from two collections, then we recommend that you study our TOP-10 cartoons that came out in good quality recently.

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