EXE to APK conversion guide

Is it possible to open EXE files from a personal computer on Android mobile devices? For example, on smartphones or tablets? Yes, it is possible, but only through the conversion process. In today’s article, we will tell you what EXE and APK extensions are and how to convert EXE to APK. What is EXE? EXE … Read more

TOP 8 Best Apps for Learning English

Mobile apps are a great tool for learning English. They are easy to use and won’t take up a lot of your time. Imagine that you have a miniature classroom on your phone that you can access whenever you want, such as sitting on a park bench or relaxing at home. Of course, apps cannot … Read more

3 best clipboard apps for Android

The clipboard is already built into Android, the user can copy the text and drag it to any other place. The essence of this functionality is simple: you need to select all or part of the text, select the “copy” function, then touch another text form and press “paste”. The previously selected text will be … Read more

5 ways to set a password for an Android app

Some smartphone apps are a treasure trove of valuable personal information that many people would like to get hold of or at least view. Whether close relatives or distant acquaintances, as well as hackers, large advertising companies can try to cross the line and violate personal space. The most effective way to protect yourself is … Read more

7 best hacking apps for Android

The main advantage of the Android operating system is its ability to evolve. This is an open OS, any manufacturer can write their own program, and it will work the way the developer wants it. It is not surprising that it is for this platform that so many add-ons have appeared with various hacking capabilities. … Read more

TOP 5 dangerous types of applications that are better to remove

Programs and applications for smartphones can be roughly divided into several types: useful, useless, and conditionally useful. Why conditionally? Because, as a rule, such applications annoy the user more by displaying advertisements or collect confidential information, while bringing absolutely insignificant benefit to the owner of the phone. We have divided such programs into five types, … Read more