TOP 10 most anticipated TV series in 2021

The past 2020 did not spoil moviegoers with spectacular releases. Now everything has changed, and fans of fascinating stories will find many unusual TV shows. From Marvel to modern classics – all in one collection. Many of us, at leisure or after a hard day at work, are not averse to watching the series. High-quality … Read more

5 reasons why Harry Potter was the worst friend

As the protagonist of the series, Harry over the course of seven books, he performs many heroic deeds. All over the world know about the boy who survived. Himself Potter became the most recognizable fictional character in history. Don’t forget about his best friends: Rone and Hermione, they are remembered no less. It was their … Read more

TOP 10 best Lords in Total War: Warhammer 2

Incredible characters, from which the blood runs cold. Find out which of them are rightfully called the most spectacular and victorious and for what reason. There are many races and factions in Total War Warhammer 2. Each has its own lord. Much depends on the abilities of the commander, especially the tactics of warfare. The … Read more

Skyrim TOP-8 Huscarls: from worst to best

In Skyrim, the player can take only one bodyguard with him, so choose wisely. After the Dragonborn helps one of the Jarls and gets a home, he will be able to appoint a personal housecarl. In the province of Skyrim, Yarls can bestow the title of Thane on Dovahkiin. For this to happen, you need … Read more

Dragon Age vs Skyrim: Which is Better?

The titles in both of these series are completely different, but fans still constantly compare them. Each of the franchises has its own merits and demerits, but what is still worth playing: Dragon Age or Skyrim? Before the Witcher franchise became popular – and with the release of the third part, it even took the … Read more

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