Top 5 scariest Resident Evil games

Initially, “Resident Evil” was conceived as a horror project that should cause goosebumps, and in some situations, irresistible disgust. This formula has been perfectly implemented in some games in the series, but not in all. Japanese studio CAPCOM has released the first Resident evil in 1996, and immediately the project became an example of horror … Read more

Subnautica: mod on the map

One of the best modification for explorers of the underwater world. This add-on allows you to make your adventure faster and more comfortable with the ability to scout all areas, place a marker and other useful functions. This mod is one of the most popular in Subnautica. It makes the gameplay more enjoyable and simpler … Read more

TOP-5 domestic films about scouts

Without a doubt, intelligence is the most romanticized military specialization… Only people who have undergone advanced training, are physically developed, who know languages ​​and are incredibly resourceful are trusted to perform tasks of increased complexity. However, a spy always risks more than an ordinary soldier, because his life can end at one moment with the … Read more

TOP 6 releases in May, which cannot be missed

It is impossible to overestimate how much the industry lost in 2020. But now 2021 pleases all gamers with a lot of cool new products. Six iconic projects will appear on PC and consoles in May. They have different genres, publishers and backstories, but they all definitely deserve public attention. May is rich in fresh … Read more

Valhalla, which is impossible to find on your own

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla contains a large number of secrets and easter eggs that even the most avid gamers have not found. With this collection, everyone can enjoy the most hidden secrets of Valhalla and its inhabitants. One of the most exciting things about Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is the secret quests, hidden areas, and secret easter … Read more

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