• October 2, 2022

causes of the error and methods of its solution

Some players are faced with the “Server is out of date” error when trying to access a particular server in Minecraft. This bug is not limited to a specific platform – you can expect it to appear on all versions of the game.

Reasons for the appearance of “Server is out of date” in Minecraft

  • Incompatibility between Minecraft versions. Perhaps the most common reason for this error is the difference in versions of Minecraft. To put it simply, the server is running on one version of Minecraft, and the user who tries to switch to that server is using a completely different version of the game.
  • You (or your friends) are members of Xbox Insiders. If you are a member of the Xbox Insiders program, you will not be able to enter the servers of players who are not in the same program.
  • Minecraft for Android or iOS is missing an important update. The “Server is out of date” message can be seen in mobile versions of Minecraft if the latter is missing one or more important updates.
  • Realm version has not been updated. Facing this error only when connecting to the Realms server? Well, almost certainly the problem lies in the wrong version of the game.
  • Server version is out of date. In some cases, the problem is on the side of the server owner, not the player trying to connect to it.

Eliminating the “Server is out of date” error in Minecraft

Changing the Minecraft version in the game launcher

In most cases, this message occurs due to the fact that the player’s launcher and the server to which he is trying to connect are using different versions of Minecraft. By default, the Minecraft launcher uses the most current version of the game, while many servers are updated with some delay or not at all.

Is there anything you can do in this case? Yes, you can change the version of your game in its launcher to the one used by the server.

  • Open the Minecraft launcher and go to the “Settings” tab;
  • then select “New installation” and click on the drop-down menu “Version”;
  • select the version of the game that corresponds to the north from the list and click “Create”;
  • start Minecraft and check for the “Server is out of date” error.

Minecraft app update (Android or iOS)

The “Server is out of date” message can appear in Minecraft for Android and iOS, and for exactly the same reasons as on a PC: differences in the versions of the game of the user and the owner of the server. The solution is to update the Minecraft app.

How to update Minecraft on Android:

  • open Google Play and go to the “My Apps” section;
  • find Minecraft through the list of applications and select it;
  • click on the “Update” button, if it is available for you;
  • wait for the installation to finish and open Minecraft.

How to update Minecraft on iOS:

  • open the App Store;
  • click on the search bar and type in the query “Minecraft”;
  • select the found result, then click on the “Update” button;
  • start Minecraft and check for the “Server is out of date” error.

Make sure all players are using the same version of Minecraft

To play on the same server with your friends, the latter must have the same version of Minecraft installed. If any one player is in the Xbox Insiders program, then he will not be able to share the server with other players who are not in the program. We coordinate with our comrades and ask them to switch to the version of Minecraft we need.

To sign out of the Xbox Insiders program, you need to do the following:

  • open the Xbox Insider Hub, then – go to the preview;
  • then find Minecraft and click “Manage”;
  • now select the item “Unsubscribe from the preview”;
  • when ditching Xbox Insider, uninstall the current version of Minecraft from your computer.
  • install a regular, up-to-date version of Minecraft.

Check for the “Server is out of date” error in Minecraft.

Replacing the Realm world with the downloaded version

Some players are unable to play Minecraft Realms (a separate version of the game) due to the appearance of the “Server is out of date” error that appears when connecting to the server. Moreover, this error can occur even if all players and the server owner have updated their game to the latest version.

To get rid of the error, you need to download the desired world and replace Realm with the downloaded version.

  • Click “Play” and select the Realm you want to download;
  • then select “Edit World” and click on the “Download World” button;
  • then select the Realm you want to replace and click on “Edit World” → “Replace World”;
  • select the world you want to upload to your Realm server and wait for the upload to finish.

Open Minecraft and make sure the “Server is out of date” error has disappeared.

Ask the server owner to update to the latest version

You will not be able to play Minecraft normally on the desired server unless you have the same version of the game installed as the server owner. But what if the server is running an outdated version of Minecraft? Frankly, you have only two choices: find another server or ask the owner to update the game. The latter is not always possible – you will almost certainly have to switch to another server.

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