• October 3, 2023

CE-107938-8 When Updating PS5 Games: Solution Methods

The CE-107938-8 error that occurs on the PS5 console is a tough beast. The fact is that it occurs when updating a game that was previously tried to update, but this update ended unsuccessfully. As a result, the owner of the console gets at his disposal a non-working, outdated game, on which it is impossible to install a fresh update. The problem applies to both disc and digital versions of games.

How to get rid of error CE-107938-8 on PS5?


Reboot PS5

SONY technicians claim that error CE-107938-8 “… can be caused by the PlayStation 5 console shutting down during the update” – and that it can be fixed by a simple restart of the console. You will be surprised, but this solution is most effective in a situation like this. Restart your PS5 and see if you can get the new update for the game you want.

Uninstalling a game and launching it without Internet access

Quite a strange method, however, some users on the network claim that they managed to get rid of the error CE-107938-8 by reinstalling the “problem” game and launching it without access to the Internet. Try the following on your PS5:

  • Select a game from the home screen (or from your library of games), press OPTIONS on your controller and select Uninstall. After uninstalling the game, turn off your PS5.
  • Start the console. Make sure there are no discs in its drive. If there is a disc in there, remove it and restart your console again.
  • Go to network settings and turn off Internet access – this is a very important step!
  • Insert the game disc into your drive and start installing the game.
  • Once the installation of the game is complete, go back to the network settings and open your console access to the Internet.
  • Next, select the installed game in your personal library, press the OPTIONS button and select Check for Updates.
  • Wait until all updates for the game are installed (it may take a long time).
  • And now the main thing: after updating the game, wait about 10-15 minutes. Just leave your console alone and do something else.

After completing all the above manipulations, check for error CE-107938-8.

Reconstruction of the PS5 database

If you have waited 10-15 minutes and nothing has changed, then you need to put your console into safe mode and start rebuilding its database. As in the previous point, make sure that there are no discs in the PS5’s drive and that the game has been removed from the console’s SSD storage.

“What nonsense, reconstruction will not help here in any way!” – some of you might think. Yes, you’re right, this process alone won’t do much good. However, online users realized that error CE-107938-8 can be eliminated by running the game they want after reconstruction without having an Internet connection. That’s right, the Internet is to blame again.

  • Turn off your PS5 completely. No diodes should be lit on its body and it should not make any noise.
  • Press and hold the power button on the console body for 15 seconds (!) Until you hear a second beep. The first signal should sound in about seven seconds.
  • Once you enter Safe Mode, select Clear Cache and Rebuild Database → Rebuild Database. Wait for the process to complete.

Next, you need to repeat the steps from the previous paragraph: disconnect the PS5 from the network, install the desired game, return access to the Internet and update the game.

Installing language packs for the game

Just want to warn you: this method is not suitable for everyone. A number of online users claim that they managed to get rid of the CE-107938-8 error by installing all language packs for their game. Simply put, if the game is available to you only in Russian, then you will have to download English, French, German and other possible languages ​​to it.

  • Select the “problematic” game from the home screen of the console.
  • Press the OPTIONS button on your controller and select Game Content Management.
  • Click on the arrow icon next to a language pack to start downloading and installing it. Do the same for all available language packs, no matter how many are available.

Installation can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours – be patient. However, if the claims on the net are to be believed, it may help resolve the CE-107938-8 error on the PS5.

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