• May 22, 2024

Cheats for a traitor in Among As for phone and PC [😈Among Us Impostor]

Playing as a crew member is not as fun as playing an impostor. You have to complete tasks and be afraid of every rustle. We will teach you what to do to always get the role of a traitor.

Among Us

Among Us is the computer equivalent of the Mafia, and there are also two groups of roles. You can play as both a peaceful crew member and an evil killer-traitor. Most players want to take exactly the role of an impostor, but this is determined by the randomness of the game. Sometimes ten games can pass before you get the chance to become a traitor. And all this time you will have to look for a way not to merge and try to choose the best tactics. It is much easier to play as an impostor, but special tactics have been developed for him.

We will share with you a life hack of how to always be a traitor in Among Us.

How to cheat the system?

Among Us

Is there any way to improve your chances of becoming a traitor? Not really.

If you want to always be a traitor in Among Us on Android or PC, you will have to use cheats. The game has a very good random setting, it cannot be knocked down. Some players try to re-enter the application or change skins, hoping that this will give them the opportunity to become a traitor more often, but it is not so

The best way to play always a traitor in Among As

The easiest way to solve this problem is cheats for Among Us. “Always a traitor” is not some special code – it is included in the general cheat collection. By downloading the file once you can at any time become an impostor or a member of the ship at will.

How to install the Always Traitor cheat on PC

  1. Download the file.
  2. Install it on any disk on your computer, you don’t have to look for the game folder and load it there.
  3. Run the cracker program.
  4. Turn on your Among Us in windowed mode so that you can see the software for cheating.
  5. In the cracker program, select the item “Always traitor” (Impostor Role).
  6. Play as an impostor in every new game! To again be able to play as a team member, simply uncheck the “Always traitor” box.

Download cheats Among Us are always a traitor for PC

DOWNLOAD Modsfire (password 777)

DOWNLOAD from Cloud Mail.ru (password 777)

DOWNLOAD from Google Drive (password 777)

Among Us

Installing the cheat Always traitor Among As on your phone:

  1. Completely remove the original game from your phone.
  2. Download our file and transfer it to your smartphone.
  3. Install the jailbroken Among Us (if the phone asks for permission, you need to give it).
  4. Enable version of the game with cheats.

Download cheat Always a traitor on Android:

.apk from Cloud Mail.ru – DOWNLOAD

.apk from Google Drive – DOWNLOAD

New mods in the collection of the best cheats for Among Us

In fact, always playing as an impostor is not as interesting as it seems at first glance. Team members work together, they can build their own tactics together. The traitor can only guess what the accomplice is planning to do. The charm of team play is lost because of this.

What will happen to the cheaters in Among Us? Developers response

The developers delivered on their promise and created an anti-cheat. Now they will be banned for mods, so we do not recommend using them in matches with random, only with your friends by their consent.

Builds for Among Us

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