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Cheats for free gems in Brawl StarsFebruary 2021

Brawl Stars is a free game and does not require a one-time purchase or purchase of a monthly subscription to participate in matches. However, as with most free-to-play games, the developers offer a variety of cosmetic items and skins that can be purchased for in-game currency.

Promotional codes for gems in Brawl Stars

The currency is called gems and is mainly bought for real money, but periodically new ones appear on the Internet promo codesallowing you to get them is free… Below you will find out a list of current codes, as well as how and where exactly to enter them in the game.

What is a promo code at Brawl Stars?

About existence promo codes almost all Internet users know. They are a collection of specific numbers and letters. When they are introduced into a special zone in a game or service, the user receives a reward. How to get gems in brawl stars

Usually developers add this kind of promotions to promote their product or to reward especially attentive and nimble players. The authors of Brawl Stars are no exception and also try to please their fans with pleasant gifts

Valid promo codes [на гемы]

Expired promo codes

Non-working variants are stored here

Where to enter promotional codes for gems

To introduce the above up-to-date promotional codes on Brawl Stars there is a separate button. Let’s figure out exactly where it is located:

  1. We start the game and find ourselves in the main menu Brawl Stars… Here we are interested in the item “Score»In the left block. Often a small daily gift is also given there. where to enter the promo code
  2. Here we swipe right to the point “Author Code“. Few gamers know, but this feature is meant for introduction too promo codesauthor code in brawl stars
  3. It remains to enter one of the above character sets into an empty field and get the cherished gems… Learn more about the “Author Code»We recommend reading in our separate article. field for entering a promo code in brawl Stars

We recommend that you bookmark this page and check it periodically for updates. We follow the exit working promo codes for Brawl Stars and periodically update our list with up-to-date information. Tell us in the comments how much gems would you like a gift and what exactly would you like to spend it on.

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