• October 1, 2023

Chicken, Cabbage, Weasel, etc.?

Destiny 2, like other major games, faces dozens of different bugs and issues. The official website lists about 100 different codes. Any player can face them. If you scroll through them, almost all crashes are the result of “common network errors”. In other words, if the problem is not with the servers, then with your internet connection. Here’s a guide to the most common error codes in Destiny 2 and how to fix them.


Chicken is one of the most common error codes for players who are unable to connect to Destiny 2. Similar to general network outages, the problem can be on the user side or on the servers themselves. Since it is a common occurrence, we will look at it. Other similar failures can be corrected using the same algorithm.

The first step is to head over to Twitter @BungieHelp and see if there are any messages that the servers are currently unavailable. This happens especially often immediately after the release of a new season. If the error continues to appear for a relatively long time, the following steps are worth trying.


  • Disable downloads, movies and other active tasks that use a lot of traffic.
  • Clear your console or Steam cache on your PC.
  • Reload the router.
  • Use a guide to reduce latency and packet loss on the official site
  • Perform actions on elimination of network errors


The error often appears during the release periods of a new season. Honeydew appears solely due to problems from Bungie. The main reason is “public access to the action was manually blocked by Bungie”, as stated in the help section on the site. There are no solutions to the problem, you just need to wait and check @BungieHelp.



Olive is an error code that occurs for several common reasons. PC users may often not see the crash just after restarting the game. Console players will have to reboot the console as well. The reason may be in the unavailability of servers. Often the problem is that the Destiny 2 account is not linked to Bungie. You can do this on the Bungie Developers website.


The crash occurs in situations when the gaming platform is under maintenance. You need to check the status of the platform through which you are currently playing: Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, Stadia. After the service, it will be possible to connect to the game.


A crash occurs when someone on your team doesn’t have the latest update. You need to make sure you and your teammates have an up-to-date upgrade. Sometimes for this you have to manually go to the “Downloads” section and start the download forcibly. It is also worth checking that there is enough space on the drive to accommodate the update files.



The Weasel error appears for several reasons. It is most often seen by users who play Destiny 2 on multiple platforms at the same time. The problem appears due to cross-saving of files. Also, the Weasel error can be seen by those who received a ban. Sometimes it also appears as a classic network error after updating the game or adding a large amount of new content.


This is a specific internet error with “router settings blocking communication with or from Destiny services.” It is worth trying to reboot the router. If that doesn’t work, it’s best to try plugging the cable directly into your PC. Another option is to try in your router settings: turn on UPnP, turn off advanced security settings and settings for certain games or applications.



Guitar is a unique bug where there are too many items on the ground. These can be power orbs, ammunition, etc. To fix the error, you need to pick up items from the ground. You may even need to clear your Steam cache.


Beaver is called FLATWORM or LEOPARD by some users – problems related to consoles. Multiple devices cannot connect to each other. Some users were able to fix errors by enabling UPnP in their router or using Guide to Reducing Packet Loss

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