• September 29, 2022

choice of skills for the first agent

It’s not easy to make a choice in WDL. Players who want to find the best starting character for themselves in Watch Dogs Legion, you can understand – they want the most comfortable and convenient game… but randomization creates some difficulties in choosing, since not everyone has perfect combination of skills

Watch Dogs Legion: choice of skills for the first agent

Looking for the best skills for your first operative? Then you are at the right place.

Who should you take

When the storyline campaign just begins, the player is offered a choice of fifteen characters… Whom they have chosen will become first operative DedSecfrom which the organization will start its revival

What the choice of the first operator looks like in Watch Dogs Legion

However, with random, one character can have of little use skills, and the other is very useful… Consider what kind of skills the characters come across.

  1. Rate 6G… Faster data loading will allow you to wait less until Bigley (AI group DedSec) has it.
  2. Revenge of Albion / Kelly… Everything is simple here – increased damage to members of a certain faction.
  3. ctOS drone… Summons a bot that can be fully controlled.
  4. Fast hacker… Devices are hacked more often, since the recharge of the skill has decreased.
  5. Kurahawa zentura… Personal motorcycle.

    Some heroes may not have it, but a car.

  6. Bonus card… Discount on clothes. You can buy things to dress everyone up.
  7. MP5. Submachine gun.
  8. Oscuro Ultra 8… Personal sports car.
  9. P9. Semi-automatic pistol.

    Some of the heroes may even have a grenade launcher.

  10. Good health… Reduces damage taken. The agent lives longer and withstands more bullets.
  11. Lenient sentence… The time spent behind bars is reduced, which means that you have to wait less until the agent is released.
  12. Urgent Care… Agents come into service faster.
  13. Rowdy. More damage in melee combat when drinking alcohol.
  14. Sea knee-deep… Damage taken is reduced. Again, only under the influence of alcoholic beverages.
  15. Cudgel… Light BB weapons.

Someone may have other melee weapons.

What the agent roster looks like in Watch Dogs Legion

Now consider what skills DO NOT need to take… First of all, there is no need to take those from whom initially there are vehicles and / or weapons. This good is in bulk and, if you wish, you can find what you need for yourself. Secondly, there is no point in taking those who have bonuses to reduce time in hospital or prison… At the start of the game, they will help little, it is better to take them somewhere to the middlewhen the DedSec organization gets a little stronger.

As a result, less than half, but already quite useful skills, remain. For instance, Albion / Kelly’s Revenge, Strong Health, Fast Hacker… All of them will help the newbie enjoy the world of Watch Dogs Legion, without being distracted no matter what. Including on enemieswhich can be quickly neutralize with them.

In the world of WDL, there is always a character you need, although he may have not very good skills… But if it turned out to be real masthead agent“Which I will have really useful abilities, then the game will interest you 100%.

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