• December 5, 2023

Compensation for lags in WoT and what else awaits players at the end of January

What you need to do to receive compensation, as well as discounts, promotions and other news.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we have prepared for you a news digest that deserves attention.


All players faced in the evening, already faced with lags, when servers do not work, battles freeze or it is simply impossible to repair equipment after a battle. The problem has become large-scale and long-lasting, reflected not only in the randomness.

Earlier, in Ukrep Rayons, industrial resources were restored and fines were written off.

All inconveniences are caused by prolonged DDoS attack… At the moment Wargaming took protective measures to reduce negative impacts, but sometimes there may still be minor lags or connection problems.

Now, as compensation, all players will be credited with 3 days of a tank premium account and 6 special emblems in memory of problems with servers DDoS Survivor… To get it you need to enter the game with January 24th to January 30th.

The days of the PA will be received by absolutely everyone, regardless of whether the prem was connected during the lags or not.


In honor of the Chinese New Year, the game is running the Lunar New Year promotion.

We are provided with an additional opportunity to prepare the crew for the exit of two-gun tanks:

Combat missions are also attached:

On January 23, a new season of the referral program began, which means that you can again get a free Tier 8 premium tank. The commander was rewarded with the T26E5. We have prepared a detailed guide on how to get a referral in solo, so we suggest taking a look so as not to miss out on freebies.

The first branch has become known, for which there will be discounts and BZ in February. According to the results of the popular vote, the Soviet TT Object 705A won. The choice of two more branches remains with the developers.


Patch 1.7.1 should be released by the end of the month. The main innovation is the backlighting of Soviet double-barreled weights. A new mechanic will be added – a dismantling kit to remove equipment for free. In addition, we are waiting for edits in some maps and several new historical 3D-styles, including for the first time in art – Object 261.

If you are going to download a new technique, then we offer a life hack for faster research.

Before the release of the update to the base, we will publish the full patch note with all the changes.

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