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completely or some buttons – what to do

It happens that the keyboard on the computer does not work. The problem is usually caused by easily eliminated factors, but there are also more complicated situations. You can understand the nature of the failure and quickly fix it after reading the article. Note that the problem with a desktop computer is always easier to solve than with a laptop.

PC keyboard

For what reasons did the keyboard stop working?

There are 2 main reasons:

  1. Software. This does not always mean that the computer freezes and the keyboard and mouse are disabled. In most cases, an error occurs while downloading or using the driver on the device. This is especially typical for expensive keyboards with advanced functions: programmable keys, changing the backlight color, the presence of additional blocks of buttons. As a result, the software responsible for processing signals from the device stops responding. This problem is relatively easy to fix, even if you have to look for the desired setting in the BIOS-UEFI.
  2. Hardware. Most often it happens this way. Everything is fine for the time being, but after turning on the PC once, the keyboard on the computer does not work, which is not clear what to do. It is easier to identify the hardware nature of the failure than software, but it is more difficult to fix it, especially without the help of a computer specialist. The most common situation is that the periphery is filled with liquid. In this case, only part of the keys can act, while others will not react in any way to pressing. If you are lucky, then such a problem is eliminated at home.

Broken keyboard on PC

Let us separately consider a common situation when a general system slowdown is perceived by the user as evidence of a keyboard malfunction. To understand the situation, it is enough to use the mouse – if the arrow on the screen moves intermittently, then all devices experience a failure.

How to get out of the situation if the computer is frozen, what to press on the keyboard? Click on Caps Lock or Num Lock. If the light indicators at the top right of the keyboard do not blink at the same time, then feel free to send the computer to a forced reboot or turn it off.

What to do if the keyboard does not work – solving the problem in various ways

First, do the following:

  1. Disconnect the keyboard connector from the connector for 10 seconds, and then plug it back in.
  2. Restart your computer. Often, after restarting, the problem disappears completely. For the future, a reboot helps fix most of the small operating system (OS) glitches.
  3. Make sure the connector of the device is inserted into the connector. It happens that he was accidentally pulled out or moved away a little over time – for example, this is often observed after cleaning.
  4. If the problem is only with a separate block where the numbers are located, then press Num Lock on the keyboard. The numeric block is turned on and off with this key.
  5. For an expensive keyboard, reinstall the drivers that come with it.

If after such checks the failure does not pass, then proceed to the next methods.

Checking USB settings in BIOS

Checking USB settings in BIOS

All new computers today use USB rather than PS / 2 for keyboard connections. It is not difficult to identify the old connector – it is round with pins inside, and not rectangular, like YUSB. All modern motherboard firmwares have a parameter that determines whether to enable USB keyboard support or not. To check its status, do the following:

  • Enter BIOS-UEFI before starting the OS. To do this, you need to press a certain key, which may not always work – the problem is with the keyboard. In any case, carefully look at the screen and look for a line like “Press Del to enter Setup”. It means that by pressing Del, you enter the BIOS. In addition to this button, F2, F10, Esc or their combination can also be used.
  • Find the option you want. To do this, “wander” through the BIOS, there are not many settings. It will most likely be labeled “USB Keyboard Support”, “Legacy USB Support”, “USB Keyboard Function” or “USB Support”. Opposite such a line there will be a field where the parameter value is set. If it says “Disabled”, then select this field, press Enter and change the setting to “Enabled”. If “Enabled” was already there, then the problem is not related to incorrect BIOS settings. Also, instead of the combination “Disabled / Enabled”, there may be another one – “Disabled / Partial Initial / Full Initial”. In this case, set to “Full Initial”.
  • Save your edits. To do this, look for the on-screen hint about the key, which is labeled “Save & Exit Setup” or “Save Changes and Reset”. Usually this is F10, but other options are possible. It also happens that the previously indicated “signatures” are designed in the form of buttons that you need to highlight and press Enter to start. In any case, a notification will appear on the screen in the following variations: “Save to CMOS and Exit (Y / N)”, “Save Configuration and Reset”. You must press Y and Enter or select Yes and press Enter.

Check your PC for viruses

Virus scan

To do this, carry out a full scan of the system with an antivirus. It is recommended to use a paid program – they are much better than free utilities sharpened to detect the latest viruses. If there is none, then a good alternative would be to scan your computer with antivirus scanners: Dr.Web CureIt !, ESET Online Scanner, HouseCall, Microsoft Safety Scanner, Kaspersky Security Scan. It also makes sense to disconnect the hard drive from the computer and check its contents on another computer with a good antivirus.

Checking the cable or keyboard port

To check the port, follow these steps:

  • Insert any other USB device into it: USB flash drive, external hard drive, webcam. Such equipment, with a working port, should be determined by the system, regarding which an alert will appear on the monitor.

Cord repair

To check the cable, you need to do the following:

  • Insert the connector into a different connector, preferably not the one adjacent to the one where the keyboard was previously connected. This is due to the fact that sometimes only part of the USB connectors can fail.
  • Connect the keyboard to another computer, or to a laptop.

How to “cure” a flooded device at home?

Removing the damage caused by liquid spilled on the keyboard is not easy. The main danger is rarely spilling water, usually sweet soda, tea or beer. After such drinks, sticky marks remain and the buttons will sink. For a laptop, it is better to contact the service center immediately. For desktops, there are 2 possible options:

  1. Removing all keys, cleaning, drying and reassembling. In any keyboard, it is easy to remove the key – just apply a little effort from the bottom of the “cap”. Then everything is thoroughly washed with detergent, rinsed and dried. After that, the keys return to their places.
  2. Cleaning and long-term drying. First, rinse the keyboard hard with a jet of water. Then thoroughly soaping the outer parts and rinsing again. At the end – drying for 3-4 days in a well-ventilated place.

Incorrect operation of the electrician or voltage drops in the network

When the computer freezes, the keyboard and mouse are permanently disconnected, then there is a high probability that power surges appear in this way. There are 2 options regarding this:

  1. Power supply problem. Only a specialist will definitely help. It is necessary to measure the parameters of the current produced by the unit, and at different times. It is good if there is an opportunity to borrow a working unit for testing.
  2. Power supply problem. The only way to test the hypothesis regarding this reason is to connect the computer to a network where the current of the regulatory parameters is accurately supplied. If there is no problem there, then you should buy a better power supply or uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Claudia repair

This reason most often manifests itself on desktop computers, not laptops, since in the latter, voltage drops are compensated for by the presence of a battery. Under all circumstances, you must ensure that the computer’s power supply is normal in order for the failure to disappear.

The problem of pressing multiple characters with one key on the keyboard

A rare problem in which one key for some reason is responsible for several others. To understand the nature of the problem, check:

  1. Connect the keyboard to another computer. If it works there in the same strange way, then the problem is of a hardware nature.
  2. Boot the OS from a LiveCD or boot disk. Did the problem go away? 99% chance that it is due to technical reasons.
  3. In all other cases, the failure is caused by software factors to eliminate which you need to act according to the algorithms described in the text.

Simultaneous keyboard and mouse dysfunction and / or problems in games

Dysfunction of the keyboard and mouse

There are 2 options:

  1. There is a problem with the connectors or YUSB settings. Therefore, you need to check the situation according to the instructions in this and this block of the article.
  2. Crash in game settings. To do this, go to it and go to the settings where the control is set. Make sure that the correct buttons are listed for the required actions.

Solutions for problems with wireless keyboard problems

For wireless devices, check:

  1. Adequate battery power. Perhaps the battery has run out or, in the case of the built-in battery, you need to replenish its charge.
  2. The stability of the device signal from the PC. Depending on the keyboard model, it can use a Bluetooth channel or a separate radio channel created using a USB adapter connected to a computer. Turn Bluetooth on and off. Pull out and insert the radio into the other port.

Common keyboard customization software problems

To eliminate them, do the following:

  1. Go to Device Manager (hold down the Win + R combination, copy devmgmt.msc, click on “OK”) and make sure that when you expand the contents of the “Keyboards” and “HID Devices” lines, values ​​with yellow exclamation marks are not displayed.
  2. Hold the Win + R combination, copy taskschd.msc, click on “OK”. The “Task Scheduler Library” will open, where on the left follow the path: => “Microsoft” => “Windows” => “TextServicesFramework”. Check that the MsCtfMonitor service is activated on the right. If not, right-click on the corresponding line and select the “Run” option.

A factory defect or keyboard has reached the end of its life

If none of the methods helped to revive the keyboard, then all that remains is to contact the service center. Most likely, a complete breakdown of the device is diagnosed there. In most cases, equipment repair does not make sense – it is easier to buy a new input device.


  1. More than half of the failures are eliminated by rebooting and checking the reliability of the connector connection.
  2. The worst thing for laptop owners is that they have less ability to diagnose and fix a crash.
  3. It is not worth spending a lot of time identifying the source of the problem – most users have a simple keyboard that costs a little.

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