• February 22, 2024

crazy rumors that turned out to be true

Plums are often misleading, but this is not the case with this game. A huge number of resonant rumors soared around her, which as a result turned out to be true.

Gta v

Rockstar Games has created one of the best open world franchises – Grand Theft Auto. Despite the fact that it has always been surrounded by scandals, it is foolish to deny the important role of this series of games for the entire gaming industry. Although the current fifth installment is already wildly popular, it’s no surprise that it excited fans’ minds even before release. It is because of this that during the years of work on the game there were so many rumors around it, ranging from details of the gameplay to data on specific characters.

Looking back, I want to analyze how real they were? Let’s talk about the loudest leaks that turned out to be true in the end.

Multiple characters

Gta v

There were over a thousand different rumors about Grand Theft Auto V prior to its release. While many of them still seemed plausible, one particular speculation didn’t make much sense. Kotaku said that the future part of the franchise will not have one main character, but a whole group.

This was incredible considering that older Rockstar Games projects were mostly focused on one protagonist. This is why no one really expected this rumor to actually turn out to be true. But this is so, because in GTA 5 we are watching the fate of several heroes at once

Intergenerational release

Gta v

Rockstar Games’ marketing strategy for Grand Theft Auto V has been very successful. Their main idea was to not to mention the version of GTA V for the next generation of consoles. Basically, they made the players think that they could play now or never. However, there were rumors that the game would soon be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

This happened over a year later. The game was released on all platforms of the current generation. It will also be released on PlayStation 5.

There was no return of the main character of the past

Gta v

When the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was released, many people mistook Michael De Santa for Tommy Vercetti. But, given the timeline in which the game takes place, it didn’t make much sense.

When people found out that the game was taking place in Los Santos, they expected to see Karl Johnson in the game. However, there were rumors at the time that no protagonist from the older games would appear in GTA V. This was later confirmed by Rockstar.

Location of the game

Gta v

As early as 2011, some really powerful rumors about Grand Theft Auto V began to circulate. At the time, some of them claimed that the game would take place in Vice City. Others suggested that her plot would take us to Los Santos.

It was Kotaku who first announced that the game would take place in Los Angeles or a fictional analogue of this place. This was fully confirmed when later Rockstar has officially released a trailer and other details.

Customizable guns and cars

Gta v

While GTA IV offered some modifications to the arsenal and vehicle fleet, its successor was created to take full advantage of this model. According to the GTA V leaked info list, the game offered a number of vehicle and weapon modifications.

This list included adding a silencer to firearms and installing gameplay improvements to vehicles. This rumor turned out to be one of the main data leaks. about Grand Theft Auto V as it places a lot of emphasis on game settings rather than storyline.

Lots of cars

Gta v

One of the most important aspects of any Grand Theft Auto game is cars. This is why when a new part comes out, people ask about vehicles first. And quite quickly, a huge list of cars available in the game leaked onto the Internet.

Rockstar has paid off – this list actually made a splash among fans. And, as it turned out, the list was pretty accurate.


Gta v

One rumor about Grand Theft Auto V suggested there would be virtual animals in the game. In addition, it was rumored that players would be able to have pets such as dogs. This rumor was considered falseas it would be quite tedious to add so many details, especially on PS3 / 360 generation consoles.

In addition, people thought it would be too difficult given the controversial nature of animal killing and PETA’s stance. However, in the end, animals appeared in the game. In fact, there are quite a few of them, and Rockstar is worth applauding for that.

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