• October 1, 2023

Crew 2.0 – the end of World of Tanks? Why are players going to delete the game

A flurry of criticism fell upon the developers after the announcement of an update with a complete rework of the crew and the replacement of unique characters.

Crew 2.0 Upgrade Failure

Greetings tankers! Wotpack with you and we propose to discuss what caused the players’ dissatisfaction with the announcement of Crew 2.0 in World of Tanks. Angry comments on social networks, under videos on YouTube, and including dozens of disgruntled players, unsubscribed in our comments in articles dedicated to the new crew.

And if you look at it, the indignation has many just reasons. So let’s try to figure out what the developers are really wrong and why the players are even ready to delete the game and score on all the money and time invested.

Complete replacement of skills and imbalance

All old skills are removed or reworked, so you will have to re-learn about 35 skills and talents. Many people simply do not want to delve into this, because the topic is not simple. With so many perks, you can build many builds, and now the game will turn into a kind of regular MMO.perks crew 2.0

But at the same time Owners of upgraded crews will get a tangible advantage in battle, while beginners and just players who are swinging a new branch will noticeably inferior in efficiency. If now for a normal game it is enough to pump at least 3 perks in order to make a universal technique with the Combat Brotherhood and a bet on camouflage or repair, but without firefighting, now it will be a one-sided vehicle with a narrow specialization.


We tried to get unique commanders for the Battle of Bloggers, bought Twitch sets with unique commanders, passed the Battle Pass, some took Halloween sets or premier tanks with a unique crew, and now all this is nullified and offered instead of these characters – instructors …instructors in the barracks

But even those who do not have so many unique heroes have also become victims of innovations. Instructors can be recruited from a random set of effects… So it was conceived so that players do not boost their imbeat skills and drain more resources to obtain the desired calling (a kind of loot boxes, another scam of players). The players did not appreciate this move.

Stealing experience

We all went through the LBZ, received unique crew members (who will now become instructors) in events, and many of them possessed the so-called “Zero” skill… Such tankers were offered in marathons, various donation packages, that is, the players gave real money.

For example, many crews consist of girls from the LBZ or New Year’s snow maidens. Now the experience from them flows into the mystical commander, who will lead the tank and what was the surprise of the players when they lacked experience for one perk. And the developers just decided do not take into account “zero” skill when converting, negating all our efforts and investments.

This is unfair and many people quite rightly call it theft. And there is nothing to argue here, the players are right.

The last drop of patience

Against the background of testing Crew 2.0, the developers decided to cut some money by rolling out super lucrative offers in the premium store:spring preparation action

The players wrote everything they think about this “spring preparation” (this is the name of the action) and where they saw similar proposals against the background of the planned changes.

The developers have already rushed to release a statement that this is not yet the final version and they will definitely listen to the opinion of the players.


Alas, the developers do not know how to make something harmonious and balanced, so no one is surprised that some assemblies make some of the tanks imbalanced (with excessive efficiency). ST with damage over 5000 per minute, wheeled vehicles with a view of 500 meters (+ new land mines) or art with a reload time of 19 seconds.

This is not to say that everything is very bad straight, there are interesting ideas, but the implementation of Crew 2.0 so far raises a lot of questions and dissatisfaction with the audience. The developers will rely on the opinion of the players who participated in the testing (play at least a few battles), then they will be sent questionnaires in the game.

If you want your voice to be heard, then you need to go to the Sandbox test server and then answer questions about the update.


Learn more about how to download and install Sandbox.

If not yet in the subject of what is happening, then on the site in separate articles we have sorted out the main points on replacing the crew:

  1. Overview of new skills (all properties).
  2. Instructors – what will happen to the unique characters (we show clearly with our example).
  3. How many perks do you need to pump now in order to unlock as many new skills as possible.
  4. Replacement compensation.
  5. Features of replacing tankers in the barracks.

And we suggest taking part in the survey.

Poll: is it worth introducing Crew 2.0?

We invite you to share your opinion. Should we introduce a new Crew? You 3 vote

Yes, I like build builds

If they enter, I’ll leave the game.

Strongly against typing

You can enter, but you need to correct some of the comments

I do not like the attitude towards the players

Vs. Why break something that already works

Such updates only kill the game.

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