• October 3, 2023

Crysis Remastered Review

The release of Crysis Remastered turned out to be very controversial. Despite the numerous statements from the creators that fueled interest in the game throughout the development, the new version of Crysis has not managed to come close to the reference level of quality of the original and to stand on a par with other modern projects in the line of shooters.

Crysis Remastered Review

When Crysis Remastered was first announced, many fans of the original game were thrilled. At one time Crysis set an unattainable bar for graphics quality in games, becoming a kind of benchmark for gaming computers and spawning a huge variety of memes like “Will Crysis run on this PC?” Unfortunately, the remaster will no longer be able to ask the same question. The game simply “doesn’t take a hit.” Of course, it looks great at times, but the game did not live up to the expectations placed on it by gamers.

Expectations VS Reality

Crysis Remastered Review

In fact, this is still the same Crysis. Players are landing on an island under the control of hostile North Korean forces. However, an ordinary sortie quickly turns into a struggle for survival with alien aliens. The only thing that distinguishes the main characters of the game from ordinary soldiers is availability of special nanosuits

It is worth noting that the plot has never been the forte of Crysis, but it is still more original than most of the stories underlying modern shooters.

Those who have never played the original game before will have a certain amount of fun with the storytelling, but outdated gameplay can overshadow it. The aforementioned nanosuit endows the wearer with superhuman speed, immunity to enemy weapons, allows you to mimic, etc. The rest of the game aspects inherent in the genre are hardly enough to call the gameplay exciting.

In 2007, the capabilities of the nanosuit were as surprising as the quality of the game itself. Something went wrong in Crysis Remastered… If we talk about the gameplay, then the basic mechanics of the shooter are seriously inferior to their counterparts from other projects. The modified version of the suit in the remaster looks ambiguous in terms of efficiency. Previously, activating stealth mode or maximum armor was smoother. But going into super speed mode required several actions, which is not typical for other games.

There were a lot more changes to the Crysis gameplay than it ended up being. However, the developers should be given their due. They advertised and sold their game not as a remake, but as a remaster. Therefore, there was no need to count on anything more graphic changes. The result was predictable. Crysis Remastered is very similar to the original 2007… The only difference is in small cosmetic improvements. The only justification for this result is that the remaster was based on the original console game, and not a more advanced PC version.

About graphic changes

Crysis Remastered Review

It also does not come out to unequivocally judge the changes related to graphics in Crysis Remastered. The game feels less like an improvement than a different angle… While the original was somewhat gray and rough in terms of ambience and ambience, the remaster received a richer and more vibrant picture, as well as elaborate detail. It was in the modern approach to lighting and detail that he excelled best. At the same time, there are many questions about object textures, character models and facial animations. They haven’t changed much since Crysis was released in 2007, making them look ridiculous when compared to high-resolution textures.

One more the feature isthat Crysis Remastered boasts an abundance of modes:

  • graphic;
  • performance mode;
  • ray tracing on Xbox One X.

In fact, the difference is only in the name, since real differences between them are difficult to notice… Sometimes some local areas look better in graphics mode, and sometimes ray tracing is clearer.

However, in general they are useless as they do not add anything new to the gaming experience.

About technical problems

One shouldn’t be surprised at the performance problems in the games of recent years. Crysis Remastered is no exception. It quickly became clear that technical problems caused by incorrect operation of an outdated version of the engine Crysis with new gaming systems for gamers.

As a result, the load is unevenly distributed among the processor cores, preventing gamers from enjoying ultra-high graphics settings at maximum resolution without sacrificing performance.

Switching between graphics modes does not fix this problem, so the enjoyment of the gameplay is somehow overshadowed by periodic drops in frame rates.

With balanced graphics settings, FPS drawdowns do not reach a critical level, but this fact does not have a positive effect on the gaming experience. Especially considering that Crysis Remastered didn’t do the second graphical flip. It remains to be hoped that the developers will be able to deal with this problem in the near future, but for now, the fall in FPS occurs not only during large-scale battles, but also during the transition from one goal to another.

Deserve special mention bugs that successfully migrated from the original game to the remaster. In general, they do not affect the performance in any way, however, their presence in the improved version of the game negatively affects the immersion in the world of Crysis and suggests that the developers take a frivolous approach to their work.

About gameplay

Gameplay Review Crysis Remastered

Level and mission design in Crysis Remastered everything is as good as in the original. Even despite the fact that the gameplay component failed to fully reveal the potential of the main idea. Missions are not limited in time, so rushing through the main storyline is not at all necessary. Instead of this you can delve into the passage of additional tasks scattered around the map… Each of these missions is somehow tied to the main story, but they are all optional. The player himself chooses whether he should go through them or not.

The world of Crysis Remastered is sandboxed, allowing you to focus on nearby quests or head out into the wilderness in search of side quests at any time. Despite the fact that this approach to gameplay has long been outdated, Crysis still tries to distract players from the less fun aspects of the game.

The original Crysis was one of the games in which the destructibility of objects and the ability to throw objects (and people) did not make any sense or direct necessity. However, it was these little things that allowed the players to entertain themselves on their own.


Crysis Remastered is a project with good graphics and an excellent storyline, but with a number of technical problems and uncomplicated elements of a first-person shooter. Since it is not a complete game developed from scratch, it starts at $ 29.99 in the Microsoft Store and other retail stores. This is a one-time game that you will hardly want to replay… Crytek positioned Crysis Remastered as a “console-breaking” game, but failed to break them properly. And it may be for the best.

Summing up, I would like to note the following: Crysis Remastered should be taken as a budget product that cannot impress experienced gamers… Instead, it gives gamers the opportunity to plunge into nostalgia and remember the time when the original Crysis destroyed PCs of any power. And the low quality of the project does not deprive players of the opportunity to have fun for a while.

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