• May 22, 2024

CT-II is a complete disappointment. Why you shouldn’t download it❌

An absolutely unnecessary tank in modern randomness, which is played worse than its predecessor and is in many ways inferior to its classmates.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we, albeit a little belatedly, reached the top of the new “double-barreled” ST-II. There was a lot of attention around the release of this branch, VG tried to create a powerful PR campaign, streamers and just skillful players pumped out as quickly as possible. Therefore, at the same time, at the end of the article, we will mention the statistics on this machine for its first month in random.

Many have already noticed that the ST-II is an improved version of the 9th level ST-I:

  • slightly better frontal turret armor;
  • more safety margin;
  • stronger NLD due to the changed shape;
  • and of course the presence of paired guns.
ST-1 and ST-2 view in the Hangar

In the next article, we will tell you why the developers, instead of replacing the IS-4, released a separate backplane with the ST-II.

The main disadvantages of ST-II

Since we do not recommend downloading this tank, let’s look at its shortcomings.


First of all, survival is important for heavyweight, and with this he has problems:

  1. NLD large and weakly armored, located at right angles, therefore breaks through from 200 mm;
  2. VLD can tank, but in the center is the driver’s hatchwhich breaks through from 250 mm;
  3. Huge commander’s turret, therefore, even if you hide the case, it can still be pierced without much difficulty (in its shape, it is even less reliable than that of the ST-I).

Other indicators

There is not much to focus on here, but there are a few things:

  • worst mobility among the Soviet TT 10;
  • minimum overview;
  • on the other hand, stealth after a shot is reduced the least (interestingly, despite the fact that he has two guns).


Since the tank does not drive well and practically does not tank, then it must shoot well? But here, too, the technique will not live up to expectations. Please note that the ST-II has exactly the same gun as the ST-I, T-10, IS-4, with the only difference that it is paired.

Let’s take a closer look at the parameters of the gun.

  1. Armor penetration with a basic projectile is still within normal limits, but look at special cumulative with 310 mm breakdown
  2. And the question immediately arises: why do the IS-2-II and IS-3-II have a gold sub-caliber projectile, which breaks through screens and inflicts damage through the roller, while the ST-II gave a weakly penetrating cumulative?
  3. Is low penetration usually compensated for by good final accuracy? Not this time, it is practically the worst 0.38.
  4. Well, if it doesn’t hit and doesn’t hit, can it at least come down quickly? No again aiming time 2.88, which is even longer than the Object 705A with a 152 mm cannon.

Also, ST-II has the most low turret traverse speed. Add to this poor maneuverability, and we get the ideal sacrifice for mobile LT and ST, which will have no difficulty in turning it. But there is also a positive moment in this – while the gun is slowly turning, the circle of dispersion practically does not increase, therefore, when firing in motion, the CT-II often hits the target.


Crown of double-barreled tanks turned out too ambiguous and raises a lot of questions. In February, the average damage in the RU region for ST-II was 2,483 units. This is less than the WZ-111 5A, Super Conqueror, 60TP, and the AMX 50 B, Object 277, Kranvagn, T57 Heavy Tank are only slightly behind. This is despite the fact that the listed technique was played mainly by ordinary average players, and the top “double-barreled” for the last month made such indicators of damage by extras and bloggers who played on improved consumables, gold shells and with a pumped crew.

ST-II has its own strengths, but it is difficult to implement them in the current randomness with a number of its shortcomings. Therefore, we would recommend stay at level 9 The IS-3-II, which is mobile, has ricochet armor and an excellent cannon.

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